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Calendar (2020-2024)

For any details, please contact the webinar organization group (see below). All seminars will be held from 11.30 to 12.30 on the dates listed below.

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Date Speaker Title of the webinar Affiliation /
Date: November 06, 2024 Speaker: Mariarita De Felice Title: DraLF-PolI: a good candidate for a new cutting-edge Room-Temperature LAMP Division/City: IBBR - UOS Napoli Open
Date: June 05, 2024 Speaker: Prof Francesco Loreto Title: Plant volatile isoprenoids: antioxidants or hormones? Division/City: Università degli Studi di Napoli - Dipartimento di Biologia Open
Date: March 20, 2024 Speaker: Andrea Bresciani Title: TECHNOLOGICAL AND NUTRITIONAL REFORMULATION OF MEAT AND OTHER PLANT BASED ANALOGUES Division/City: Dipartimento di Scienze per gli Alimenti, la Nutrizione e l’Ambiente Open
Date: October 26, 2023 Speaker: Dr. Samantha Hughes Title: Resolving the black box of PFAS toxicty: Using a whole-body organism to explore and define toxic endpoints Division/City: Environmental Health & Toxicology Department - Vrije Universiteit Open
Date: October 23, 2023 Speaker: Byeong-Ha Lee Title: Arabidopsis Pre-mRNA processing factor 6 homolog STA1 functions in thermal stress tolerance Division/City: Dept Life Science Sogang University Open
Date: September 20, 2023 Speaker: Francesca Mapelli Title: A One-Health perspective to tackle antibiotic resistance spread and impact in agri-food ecosystems Division/City: Università degli Studi di Milano - Dipartimento di Scienze per gli Alimenti, la Nutrizione e l’Ambiente Open
Date: August 01, 2023 Speaker: Prof. Yoshiaki Tsuda Title: Spatiotemporal genetic structure and population demographic history of Asian black bear (Ursus thibetanus) and its relationship with recolonization of beech-oak forest in Japan Division/City: Graduate School of Science and Technology, University of Tsukuba Open
Date: July 12, 2023 Speaker: Prof.ssa Carmen Arena Title: THE CHALLENGE OF THE GREEN BELT ON THE EARTH: THE GAME OF LIFE Division/City: Department of Biology, University of Naples Federico II Open
Date: June 28, 2023 Speaker: Alfredo Ambrosone Title: Nanobiotechnology in Plant Science: Exploring Innovations for Sustainable Agriculture and Health Division/City: University of Salerno Open
Date: May 31, 2023 Speaker: Lorenzo Brilli Title: Eddy covariance method: basic knowledge and applications Division/City: CNR - IBE Open
Date: May 15, 2023 Speaker: Massimo A. Hilliard, Ph.D. Title: Fusogen-mediated neuron-neuron fusion: impact on neuronal function, connectivity, and behaviour Division/City: Queensland Brain Institute, The University of Queensland Open
Date: April 28, 2023 Speaker: Kwang Pyo Kim Title: Characterization of EVs by proteomic and lipidomic analyses to investigate the roles of extracellular vesicles Division/City: Department of Applied Chemistry, Kyung Hee University Open
Date: April 19, 2023 Speaker: Giulia Palermo Title: Dynamics and mechanisms of CRISPR-Cas9 through the lens of computational methods Division/City: Associate Professor, The University of California Riverside Open
Date: March 22, 2023 Speaker: Alessio Mengoni Title: Scent of a symbiont: the personalized genetic relationships of rhizobium-plant interaction Division/City: Dept. of Biology, University of Florence Open
Date: February 15, 2023 Speaker: Chiara Campagni Title: Meta-analysis on DREB2 expression in crops during drought stress to evaluate the effects of PGPR-plant interaction Division/City: DAGRI - Dipartimento di scienze e tecnologie agrarie, alimentari, ambientali e forestali Open
Date: February 08, 2023 Speaker: Vincenzo D’Amelia Title: Dissecting the genetic control of beneficial plant compound accumulation: a purple point of view Division/City: IBBR - UOS Portici (NA) Open
Date: January 25, 2023 Speaker: Paola Bonfante Title: Endobacteria, mycorrhizal fungi, plants: a symbiotic hub Division/City: University of Torino - Department of Life Sciences and Systems Biology Open
Date: December 14, 2022 Speaker: Teodoro Cardi Title: Conventional and unconventional approaches to edit higher plant genomes Division/City: IBBR - UOS Portici (NA) Open
Date: December 07, 2022 Speaker: Elena Costi Title: Biocontrol of Halyomorpha halys in Italy: overview and current state Division/City: Dipartimento di Scienze della Vita - Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia Open
Date: November 23, 2022 Speaker: Davide Giovanardi Title: Quality of vegetable seeds in the global market: a phytosanitary challenge for supporting sustainable agriculture and food security Division/City: Depatimento di Scienze della Vita - Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia Open
Date: November 09, 2022 Speaker: Alessandro Porchetta Title: Protein-controlled programmable nucleic acid nanodevices for sensing application Division/City: Università degli Studi di Roma - Tor Vergata Open
Date: October 26, 2022 Speaker: Prof Peter von Dassow, PhD Title: The Southeast Pacific as a natural laboratory for investigating phytoplankton in a changing ocean Division/City: Departamento de Ecología, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Investigador Asociado, Instituto Milenio de Oceanografía, Research Fellow at Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn Naples Italy Open
Date: October 05, 2022 Speaker: Francesco Gai Title: Edible insect as feed: the Poultrynsect project Division/City: Istituto di Scienze delle Produzioni Alimentari (ISPA-CNR) Open
Date: September 21, 2022 Speaker: Giorgia Batelli Title: Identification and generation of stress tolerant genotypes of tomato: transcriptomic and splicing signatures Division/City: IBBR - UOS Portici (NA) Open
Date: September 14, 2022 Speaker: Fabio D’Elia Title: Come comunicare la Scienza fuori dal laboratorio Division/City: FoodHub s.r.l. Società Benefit Open
Date: September 07, 2022 Speaker: Claudio Carnevale Title: Data driven modelling for complex environmental system control Division/City: Dipartimento di Ingegneria Meccanica e Industriale -Università di Brescia Open
Date: July 27, 2022 Speaker: Salvatore Pasta Title: The manyfold roles of botanists and plant ecologists Division/City: IBBR - UOS Palermo Open
Date: July 11, 2022 Speaker: Roberto Papa Title: Secondary domestication and adaptive introgression guided the complex evolutionary history of European common bean Division/City: Università Politecnica delle Marche Open
Date: June 15, 2022 Speaker: Francesco Mercati Title: WRKY Gene Family Drives Dormancy Release in Onion Bulbs Division/City: IBBR - UOS Palermo Open
Date: June 01, 2022 Speaker: this webinar has been canceled Title: this webinar has been canceled Division/City: this webinar has been canceled Open
Date: May 18, 2022 Speaker: Pasquale Termolino Title: Multi-omics approach to uncover long shelf-life in a tomato landrace Division/City: IBBR - UOS Portici (NA) Open
Date: May 04, 2022 Speaker: Elia Vajana Title: Harnessing landscape genomics to detect local adaption and manage genetic resources under climate change Division/City: Laboratory of Geographic Information Systems (LASIG), School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering (ENAC), École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Lausanne, Switzerland Open
Date: April 20, 2022 Speaker: Davide Pacifico Title: Creation of the Mediterranean Plant endophyte and Pathogens culture collection (MEPP) Division/City: IBBR - UOS Palermo Open
Date: April 06, 2022 Speaker: Prof. Federico Martinelli Title: Gaining insight into the molecular and phenotypic effects of transgenerational memory due to chromium stress in plants Division/City: University of Florence, Department of Biology Open
Date: March 23, 2022 Speaker: Alessandro Porchetta Title: This seminar has been postponed to a later date Division/City: Università degli Studi di Roma - Tor Vergata Open
Date: March 09, 2022 Speaker: Viviana Scognamiglio Title: Biosensor technology for environmental and biomedical sectors Division/City: Istituto di Cristallografia - CNR Open
Date: February 23, 2022 Speaker: Simona Cirrincione Title: Molecular approach to food allergy investigation Division/City: CNR - ISPA Open
Date: February 09, 2022 Speaker: Alessandra Adessi Title: Climate change and soil: biotechnologies for the restoration of degraded soils and the fight against desertification Division/City: Department of Agriculture, Food, Environment and Forestry (DAGRI) - Microbiology Section Open
Date: January 12, 2022 Speaker: Stilianos Arhondakis Title: Biotech solutions in the food and health sectors Division/City: Bioinformatics and Computational Science (BioCoS) Open
Date: December 15, 2021 Speaker: Cesare Garosi Title: Landscape genomics approaches for an adaptive silviculture applied to beech stand Division/City: DAGRI - Dip. di Scienze e Tecnologie Agrarie, Alimentari, Ambientali e Forestali Open
Date: December 01, 2021 Speaker: Amina Antonacci Title: The biotechnological application of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Division/City: CNR - Istituto di Cristallografia Open
Date: November 24, 2021 Speaker: Anisa Ribani Title: Food metagenomics as a new frontier for authentication and traceability: application of next generation sequencing on food products Division/City: Dipartimento di Scienze e Tecnologie Agro-Alimentari, Università di Bologna Open
Date: November 10, 2021 Speaker: Luciana De Vero Title: UNIMORE MICROBIAL CULTURE COLLECTION (UMCC) as a platform for selection and preservation of microorganisms useful for food and industrial application Division/City: Dipartimento di Scienze della Vita, sede ex-Agraria, UNIMORE Open
Date: October 20, 2021 Speaker: Pamela Santonicola Title: Bioactivity and biodistribution of microalgae-derived extracellular vesicles in C. elegans Division/City: IBBR - UOS Napoli Open
Date: October 08, 2021 Speaker: Maria Teresa Pallotta Title: Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase 1 (IDO1): an eclectic immunoregulatory enzyme Division/City: University of Perugia Open
Date: September 22, 2021 Speaker: John van der Oost Title: CRISPR-Cas - state of the art Division/City: Department of Agrotechnology and Food Sciences - WAGENINGEN Open
Date: July 28, 2021 Speaker: Alessandra Rogato Title: Low-Affinity Nitrate Transporters in diatoms, diNPFs: identification, evolution, structure and function Division/City: IBBR - UOS Napoli Open
Date: July 14, 2021 Speaker: Hossein Haghighi Title: Biopolymers as an alternative to synthetic polymers for sustainable food packaging applications Division/City: Dep. of Life Science - University of Modena and Reggio Emilia Open
Date: June 30, 2021 Speaker: Valeria Sileoni Title: Valorisation of a by-product of the brewing production chain for the formulation of innovative functional shortbreads Division/City: Universitas Mercatorum; Università degli Studi di Perugia, Dipartimento di Scienze Agrarie, Alimentari e Ambientali Open
Date: June 23, 2021 Speaker: Nicola Curci Title: Enzymes discovery and characterization: microbial hydrolases for sustainable bioprocesses and novel applications Division/City: IBBR UOS - Napoli Open
Date: June 09, 2021 Speaker: Rosanna Mattossovich Title: O6-alkylguanine-DNA alkyltransferase (AGT): lights on the scene Division/City: IBBR - UOS Napoli Open
Date: May 26, 2021 Speaker: Estefanía Núñez-Carmona Title: Nanotechnologies: an eco-impactless approach in the agri-food field monitoring Division/City: IBBR - UOS Sesto Fiorentino (FI) Open
Date: May 12, 2021 Speaker: Barbara Saccà Title: DNA nanotechnology: four players, one rule, many possibilities Division/City: University of Duisburg-Essen Open
Date: April 28, 2021 Speaker: Camilla Avanzi Title: Population genetics meets dendrochronology: joint approaches to explore growth and reproductive dynamics in forest tree species Division/City: IBBR - UOS Sesto Fiorentino (FI) Open
Date: April 14, 2021 Speaker: Vladimir Totev Valkov Title: Nitrate, a nutrient signal controlling nodule nitrogen fixation activity in l. japonicus and how the nitrate transporters are involved Division/City: IBBR - UOS Napoli Open
Date: March 17, 2021 Speaker: Francesca Taranto Title: Polyphenol oxidase genes as integral part of the evolutionary history of domesticated tetraploid wheat Division/City: IBBR - UOS Portici (NA) Open
Date: March 03, 2021 Speaker: Andrea Trotta Title: Fine-tuning of the photosynthetic machinery in land plants: a proteomics approach within an evolutionary frame Division/City: IBBR - UOS Sesto Fiorentino (FI) Open
Date: February 17, 2021 Speaker: Rosa Merlo Title: O6-alkylguanine-DNA Alkyltransferase (AGT): when Nature meets Biotechnology Division/City: IBBR - UOS Napoli Open
Date: January 27, 2021 Speaker: Federica De Lise Title: The expression of an archaeal α-L-fucosidase is regulated by programmed -1 frameshifting in vivo demonstrating that translational recoding is universal Division/City: IBBR - UOS Napoli Open
Date: January 13, 2021 Speaker: Eleonora Palagano Title: New insights in bone biology from exome sequencing of rare skeletal diseases Division/City: IBBR - UOS Sesto Fiorentino (FI) Open
Date: December 16, 2020 Speaker: Pasquale Luca Curci Title: Identification of new intrinsic yield genes using cross-species network analysis in plants Division/City: IBBR - UOS Bari Open
Date: November 18, 2020 Speaker: Soraya Mousavi Title: Olive in changing climate Division/City: IBBR - UOS Perugia Open
Date: October 21, 2020 Speaker: Salvatore Guarino Title: The chemical ecology of Bagrada hilaris (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) Division/City: IBBR - UOS Palermo Open

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