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Molecular approach to food allergy investigation

Simona Cirrincione 
CNR - ISPA - Italy

February 23, 2022 (11:30-12:30)
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Abstract: Food allergic reactions are IgE-mediated immune responses that can be caused by one or more proteins (allergens) present in foods. Food allergies have a prevalence of 2% in adult people and 8% in pediatric subjects. The symptoms can vary from mild, involving hives and lip swelling, to severe and systemic (anaphylaxes). Food allergies cannot be cured, for this reason early recognition and learning how to manage them, including which foods to avoid, are important measures to prevent serious health consequences. The proteomic approach (1DE, 2DE and LC-MS/MS) coupled with the immunoblotting analysis allow to investigate the recognition of food proteins by the allergic patient’s IgE. In this context, the procedures for the protein extraction are crucial to obtain extracts that are representative of the food matrices protein complexity. Recently, we focused our attention on hazelnut allergy that is one of the most common allergies in children throughout Europe. The development of a protocol for the extraction of the oil body associated proteins has allowed to discoverer the oleosin Cor a 15 as a novel hazelnut allergen. Moreover, considering the key role of food processing in the protein structure modification, the effect of two roasting techniques on protein solubility and allergenicity of both soluble and insoluble hazelnut protein fractions has been elucidated

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