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Gaining insight into the molecular and phenotypic effects of transgenerational memory due to chromium stress in plants

Prof. Federico Martinelli 
University of Florence, Department of Biology - Italy

April 06, 2022 (11:30-12:30)
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Abstract: In this seminar results obtained in the model plant, Arabidopsis thaliana to investigate the transgenerational phenotypic effects of chromium (Cr) stress will be presented. F1 generation from parents grown in both acute and chronic stress showed significant higher levels of the maximal effective concentration (EC50) than F1 from unstressed parents. In addition, both F1 from Cr stressed parents showed higher germination rate under Cr presence and from parents cultivated under chronic stress displayed. Reduction of hydrogen peroxide levels under Cr stress compared to control. At lower Cr stress level, F1 resulted to promptly activate more genes involved in Cr stress responses than F0 implying a memory linked to a transgenerational priming. Several members of bHlH transcription factors were induced by Cr stress in F1 and not in F0, such as bHlH100, ORG2 and ORG3. F1 optimized gene expression towards pathways linked to iron starvation response. A model of transcriptional regulation of transgenerational memory to Cr stress was developed and eventually applied for other heavy metal stresses

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