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IBBR Main Information

Director: Dr. Giovanni Giuseppe Vendramin

Address: via Giovanni Amendola 165/A, I-70126 Bari (Italy)

Phone: +39 080 558 3400 - Fax: +39 080 558 7566 - email:

Institute CDS code: 041 - Department: DiSBA



The IBBR mission aims at two related goals:

  1. To increase our knowledge on basic biology, mainly focusing on the genetic basis and molecular mechanisms underlying functioning, adaptation, reproduction, evolution and environmental relationships of biological systems.
  2. To safeguard and sustanaible management of bioresources in the agricultural, agro-food, environmental fields for human health purposes, in particular by developing applications aimed at the improvement and appraisal of agro-food, forest and environmental productions, and at the prevention of human diseases.
Istituto di Bioscienze e Biorisorse (IBBR/CNR)
Via G. Amendola 165/A, I-70126 Bari (Italy)
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