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Edible insect as feed: the Poultrynsect project

Francesco Gai 
Istituto di Scienze delle Produzioni Alimentari (ISPA-CNR) - Italia

October 05, 2022 (11:30-12:30)
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Abstract: The use of insect derived products in animal nutrition attracts great attention and shows a great opportunity for meeting the increasing feed raw material demand. The use of insects in form of live larvae are permitted in some European countries and live larvae fed to poultry provide good nutrients and bioactive compounds with positive effects on health, but also enable birds to express their normal behaviour, with expected positive impacts on animal welfare and product quality. Poultrynsect project developed by experts in agronomy, poultry nutrition, entomology, food and veterinary sciences aims to test the effects of insect (black soldier fly, Hermetia illucens) live larvae provision to medium and slow-growing organic chickens in terms of animal welfare and meat products quality.

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