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PPGR: Perennial Plants Germplasm Repository

The home page of the Perennial Plants Germplasm Repository (PPGR)

The home page of the Perennial Plants Germplasm Repository (PPGR)

The Perennial Plant Germplasm Repository (PPGR) is the reference collection for the perennial plant germplasm collection stored at the Institute of Biosciences and BioResources (IBBR) of the Italian National Research Council (CNR) in Palermo, Italy.


The IBBR-UOS Palermo maintains an ex-situ field germplasm collection of perennial plants at Collesano (Palermo, Italy). The field collection covers 8.28 ha and was founded in 1972.

The collection includes 220 accessions of Citrus relevant for their agronomic, historical and ornamental value, 200 accessions of Olea (natural and cultivated) and 480 accessions of Vitis, all highly representative of the Mediterranean genetic resources. Several genotypes of Capparis sp.p., Zelkova sicula and Calendula maritima threatened of genetic erosion or extinction, are also maintained in the field.

Several accessions are stored in in vitro culture and maintained in screen-house. Recently, a cryostorage program has been developed to preserve the genetic resources stored in the field.

Aims and goals

The objectives of the PPGR are the collection, identification and preservation of genetic resources of perennial plants relevant for the Italian and the Mediterranean agriculture. A particular effort is devoted toward specific segments of plant genetic resources, such as local varieties or ecotypes threaten with extinction, crop wild relatives, and plants potentially useful for the extraction of bioactive compounds.

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