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Stefano Puglisi

Role: Researcher
Section: Researchers and Technologists
Division: Florence
Tel: (39) 0555225736


Date of Birth: September 11th 1958

Nationality: Italian

Professional Address: IBBR-CNR, Via Madonna del Piano 10, 50019 Sesto Fiorentino (FI)

Position: Research Scientist

Education & Training/Work Experiences:

  • April 1983: Graduated in Forest Sciences Magna cum Laude and “Dignità di Stampa”.
  • 1983-1986: Freelancer in forest management.
  • April 1986: Permanent position as Researcher at the Germplam Institute of the National Research Council (CNR), Bari (later named Institute of Plant Genetics, at the present time Institute of Biosciences and Bioresources-IBBR)
  • April 1986-July 1988: Seconded to the Forest Tree Breeding Institute (CNR) in Florence
  • September 1988: Participation in the XXV Course of Ecological Culture, organized by University of Padova at the Study Centre of Mountain Ecology in San Vito di Cadore (BL, Italy)
  • 1988: Professional qualification in Forestry
  • June-July 1990: Research Fellow at the Forest Research Institute, University of Göttingen, Germany
  • 1995-1996: Collaboration on the European Research Project n° AIR3 CT93 0803 “Conservation, protection and restoration of low elevation Mediterranean coniferous forests threatened by wildfires (FIREGENE)”
  • March 1996: Participation in the international advanced course (58 hours) “Genetics, Breeding and Conservation of Forest Tree Species”, organized with the collaboration of the European Association for Research on Plant Breeding (EUCARPIA) and held at the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute in Zaragoza, Spain
  • June 1998: Participation in the “III Meeting of the Euro+Med PlantBase Project” (formerly called “Sisyphus Project”), held in Seville (Spain), as a member of the expert group on Fagaceae.
  • 2003-2010: Consultant in some plans of sustainable management of forests
  • Since 2004: Correspondent Member of the Italian Academy of Forest Sciences
  • Genuary-February 2005: Research fellow at Genexpress laboratory
  • Since February 2017: transferred to the IBBR - UOS Florence
  • Member of scientific societies
  • Referee of scientific journals
  • Invited speaker in international and national congresses
  • Participation in many international and national congresses, giving several lectures and presenting various posters

Tutorial and Teaching Activities:

  • Supervisor of an EEC bursar (1995-96)
  • Teacher in a training course of naturalistic engineering for functionaries of the forest services of Apulia Region (2004)
  • Supervisor of some doctoral dissertations in Biological Sciences
  • Seminars at University of Bari on population genetics of forest trees and on its applications for silviculture, forest management, conservation of forest genetic resources, selection of forest propagating material

Main Research Interests:

    • Population genetics of forest trees: studies on the genetic variation and differentiation of populations representative of the natural ranges of forest tree species, on their evolutionary history, on their postglacial recolonization routes and on their reproductive system (mating system), aimed at genetic resource conservation.
    • Integration between genetic and archaeobotanical data in the reconstruction of the evolutionary history of forest tree species.
    • Drafting of accurate programmes of genetic resource conservation, also by setting the sustainable management measures and the silvicultural treatments which could better guarantee in situ conservation by helping the settlement and development of natural regeneration, and some complementary measures of dynamic ex situ conservation.
    • Sustainable forest management: comparative studies of national and regional forest laws and their effects and results; comparative studies of forest management planning activity in Italian regions; analysis of foreign management methodologies and of their applicability to Italian forests; critical study of some important forest management plans; comparison between subsequent revisions of forest management plans and evaluation of their effects on the managed forests; development of management and silvicultural models for certain forest types and territories; studies on the applications of the results of population genetics and phylogeography researches to forest planning, management, selection of propagation material and nursery techniques, in order to safeguard forest genetic resources and the biodiversity of forest ecosystems.

Selected Publications:

full list available at CNR People


Selected Publications

(full list available at CNR People)

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