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Teodoro Cardi

Role: Senior Researcher
Section: Researchers and Technologists
Division: Portici
Tel: (39) 0812539102

Short CV and research interests

Graduated in Agriculture Sciences at the University of Naples Federico II (1983). Qualified to practice as Dr. Agronomist at the Univ. of Naples "Federico II" (1984). CNR Researcher at the Institute of Biosciences and Bioresources (since 1986). Director of the CREA Centre for Vegetable and Ornamental Crops (2010 - 2021). Adjunct Professor at the Univ. of Naples Federico II and the Univ. of Molise (1994 - 2009). Associated Researcher at the CREA Centre for Vegetable and Ornamental Crops (since 2022). Visiting Scientist in the Netherlands, the USA and Ireland. Italian National Scientific Qualification as Full Professor of Agricultural Genetics in 2014. Expertise in Plant Genetics and Biotechnology applied to breeding of vegetables. Recent research interests include genome editing approaches in tomato and other vegetable crops.He coordinated or participated as PI in several national or international projects of Italian National Research Council, Ministry of University and Research, Ministry of Agriculture, Campania Region, NATO, EU Commission, and others. Former Associate Editor of “In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology - Plant” and “BMC Biotechnology”. Current Associate Editor of “Plant Cell Reports”. Foreign honorary member of the Romanian Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences (ASAS) - Section of Horticulture. Former member of the Executive Committee of the Italian Society of Agricultural Society. Author of more than 300 publications, one third of which in journals or books indexed in Scopus and/or WoS.

Recent publications

  1. Navarro A., Nicastro N., Costa C., Pentangelo A., Cardarelli M., Ortenzi L., Pallottino F., Cardi T., Pane C. 2022 Sorting biotic and abiotic stresses on wild rocket by leaf‑image hyperspectral data mining with an artificial intelligence model. Plant Methods 18: 45 (
  2. Galieni A., Nicastro N., Pentangelo A., Platani C., Cardi T., Pane C. 2022 Surveying soil‑borne disease development on wild rocket salad crop by proximal sensing based on high‑resolution hyperspectral features. Scientific Reports 12: 5098 (
  3. Esposito S., Aiese Cigliano R., Cardi T., Tripodi P. 2022 Whole‑genome resequencing reveals genomic footprints of Italian sweet and hot pepper heirlooms giving insight into genes underlying key agronomic and qualitative traits. BMC Genomic Data 23:21 (
  4. Cuccurullo A., Nicolia A., Cardi T. 2022 Resistance against broomrapes (Orobanche and Phelipanche) in vegetables: a comprehensive view on classical and innovative breeding efforts. Euphytica 218: 82 (
  5. Tripodi P., Figàs M. R., Leteo F., Soler S., Díez M.J., Campanelli G., Cardi T., Prohens J. 2022 Genotypic and Environmental Effects on Morpho-Physiological and Agronomic Performances of a Tomato Diversity Panel in Relation to Nitrogen and Water Stress Under Organic Farming. Plant Sci. 13: fpls-13-936596 (doi: 10.3389/fpls.2022.936596)
  6. Liu Y., Andersson M., Granell A., Cardi T., Hofvander P., Nicolia A. 2022 Establishment of a DNA‑free genome editing and protoplast regeneration method in cultivated tomato (Solanum lycopersicum). Plant Cell Rep. 41: 1843-1852 (
  7. Dalla Rosa M., Gatta G., Giuliani M.M., Gagliardi A., Falsone G., Marzadori C., De Luca F., Troccoli A., Fanelli E., Cardi T., Monarca D., Moscetti R., Mazzoni E., Severini C. 2022 Intensificazione sostenibile nella filiera del pomodoro da industria. I Quaderni di AISSA Vol. 3, pag. 78-113 (ISBN: 978-88-945925-2-8)
  8. Nicolia A., Andersson M., Hofvander P., Festa G., Cardi T. 2021 Tomato protoplasts as cell target for ribonucleoprotein (RNP)‑mediated multiplexed genome editing. Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture 144: 463-467 (
  9. Giovannini A., Laura M., Nesi B., Savona M., Cardi T. 2021 Genes and genome editing tools for breeding desirable phenotypes in ornamentals. Plant Cell Rep. 40: 461-478 (DOI: 10.1007/s00299-020-02632-x)
  10. Manganiello G., Nicastro N., Caputo M., Zaccardelli M., Cardi T., Pane C. 2021 Functional Hyperspectral Imaging by High-Related Vegetation Indices to Track the Wide-Spectrum Trichoderma Biocontrol Activity Against Soil-Borne Diseases of Baby-Leaf Vegetables. Front. Plant Sci. 12: 630059 (doi: 10.3389/fpls.2021.630059)
  11. Pane C., Manganiello G, Nicastro N., Cardi T., Carotenuto F. 2021 Powdery Mildew Caused by Erysiphe cruciferarum on Wild Rocket (Diplotaxis tenuifolia): Hyperspectral Imaging and Machine Learning Modeling for Non-Destructive Disease Detection. Agriculture 11: 337 (
  12. Valkov V.T., Gargano D., Scotti N., Cardi T. 2021 Plastid transformation in potato: An Important Source of Nutrition and Industrial Materials. In: Maliga P. (ed.), Chloroplast Biotechnology: Methods and Protocols. Second Edition. Methods in Molecular Biology, vol. 2317. Springer, pp. 247-256 (ISBN 978-1-0716-1472-3)
  13. Natalini A. Acciarri N., Cardi T. 2021 Breeding for Nutritional and Organoleptic Quality in Vegetable Crops: The Case of Tomato and Cauliflower. Agriculture 11: 606 (
  14. Tripodi P., Soler S, Campanelli G., Diez M.J., Esposito S., Sestili S., Figàs M.R., Leteo F., Casanova C., Platani C., Soler E., Bertone A., Pereira‑Dias L., Palma D., Burguet R., Pepe A., Rosa‑Martìnez E., Prohens J., Cardi T. 2021 Genome wide association mapping for agronomic, fruit quality, and root architectural traits in tomato under organic farming conditions. BMC Plant Biol. 21: 481 (
  15. Pane C., Manganiello G., Nicastro N., Ortenzi L., Pallottino F., Cardi T., Costa C. 2021 Machine learning applied to canopy hyperspectral image data to support biological control of soil-borne fungal diseases in baby leaf vegetables. Cont. 164: 104784 (
  16. Pane C., Pallottino F., Cortellino G., Amodio M.L., Cardi T., Costa C. 2021 Nelle baby-leaf la tecnologia incontra la filiera. Colture Protette n. 07 - luglio 2021: 26 - 29
  17. Cardi T., Filippone E., Volpi C. 2021 Colture orticole: le TEA per rispondere ai cambiamenti. Tecnologie di Evoluzione Assistita, la nuova via per la sostenibilità dell’agricoltura italiana. Supplemento all’Informatore Agrario n. 27/2021 - 2 settembre 2021: 17 - 20
  18. Esposito S., Carputo D., Cardi T., Tripodi P. 2020 Applications and Trends of Machine Learning in Genomics and Phenomics for Next-Generation Breeding. Plants 9: 34 (doi:10.3390/plants9010034)
  19. Guijarro-Real C., Navarro A., Esposito S., Festa G., Macellaro R., Di Cesare C., Fita A., Rodríguez-Burruezo A., Cardi T., Prohens J., Tripodi P. 2020 Large scale phenotyping and molecular analysis in a germplasm collection of rocket salad (Eruca vesicaria) reveal a differentiation of the gene pool by geographical origin. Euphytica 216: 53 (
  20. Tamburino R., Sannino L., Cafasso D., Cantarella C., Orrù L., Cardi T., Cozzolino S., D’Agostino N., Scotti N. 2020 Cultivated Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) Suffered a Severe Cytoplasmic Bottleneck during Domestication: Implications from Chloroplast Genomes. Plants 9: 1443 (doi:10.3390/plants9111443)
  21. Esposito S., Cardi T., Campanelli G., Sestili S., Díez M.J., Soler S., Prohens, J., Tripodi P. 2020 ddRAD sequencing-based genotyping for population structure analysis in cultivated tomato provides new insights into the genomic diversity of Mediterranean ‘da serbo’ type long shelf-life germplasm. Hort. Res. 7: 134 (
  22. Massa D., Venezia A., Burchi G., Cardi T. 2020 Acqua, plastica, trasporto: le molteplici sfide della ricerca. Terra e Vita 17-2020: 26-30
  23. Massa D., Venezia A., Burchi G., Cardi T. 2020 Acqua, plastica e trasporto le nuove sfide. Colture Protette n. 7 - 2020: 2-4
  24. Cardi T., Nicolia A., Tripodi P. 2020 Vecchie e nuove biotecnologie per le specie ortofloricole. Colture Protette n. 10 - 2020: 48-53
  25. Tripodi P., Ficcadenti N., Rotino G.L., Festa G., Bertone A., Pepe A., Caramanico R., Migliori C.A., Spadafora D., Schiavi M., Cardi T., Lo Scalzo R. 2019 Genotypic and environmental effects on the agronomic, health-related compounds and antioxidant properties of chili peppers for diverse market destinations. Sci. Food and Agric. 99: 4550-4560 (DOI: 10.1002/jsfa.9692)
  26. Colonna V., D’Agostino N., Garrison E., Albrechtsen A., Meisner J., Facchiano A., Cardi T., Tripodi P. 2019 Genomic diversity and novel genome-wide association with fruit morphology in Capsicum, from 746k polymorphic sites. Rep. 9: 10067 (
  27. Cardi T., D’Agostino N., Cantarella C., Colonna V., Greco B., Tamburino R., Taranto F., Scotti N., Tripodi P. 2019 Next generation sequencing technologies for the development of molecular markers and the analysis of genome diversity in Capsicum Acta Hortic. 1242. ISHS 2019. DOI 10.17660/ActaHortic.2019.1241.123 Proc. III Int. Symp. on Horticulture in Europe - SHE2016 Eds.: P. Kalaitzis, K.N. Blazakis, G.A. Manganaris
  28. Varré J.-S., D’Agostino N., Touzet P., Gallina S., Tamburino R., Cantarella C., Ubrig E., Cardi T., Drouard L., Gualberto J. M. Scotti N. 2019 Complete Sequence, Multichromosomal Architecture and Transcriptome Analysis of the Solanum tuberosum Mitochondrial Genome. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 20: 4788 (doi:10.3390/ijms20194788)

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