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Roberto Defez

Role: Senior Researcher
Section: Researchers and Technologists
Division: Naples
Tel: (39) 081-6132440-081-6132610

Personal Info

Name and surname: Roberto Defez
Born in: Rome
On: October 26, 1956
Nationality: Italian
Marital status: Widower, two children.
phone +39 081 6132 440 - cell. +39 347 4087 227

Scientific Activity

  • 1980: Degree in Biology, University Naples, with a thesis on E. coli genetics;
  • December 1979 to March 1980: EEC grant fellowship to work at the INRA Versailles, France working on rhizobia-legume symbiotic nitrogen fixation;
  • 1981 to 1984: fellowships to work in Dr. Philippe Brachet’s laboratory, at the Institute Pasteur in Paris, France on the NGF at the neuro-muscular junction;
  • June 1987: permanent research position at the Italian National Research Council working on nitrogen fixation, bacterial auxin delivery, abiotic stress tolerance and the use of endophytic bacteria to support cereals growth, nitrogen fixation and phytohormone feeding of different rice cultivars.


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Patents & Trademarks

  • Defez R., Spena A.
    Patent Holders C.N.R. & G.IN.E.ST.R.A.
    Deposited the 09/11/1998 at the European Patent Office, Munich, Germany, EPO application No. EP98/830674.2. PCT extension n° PCT24190 deposited on November the 9th 1999.
    Method to control gene expression in bacteria, namely Rhizobiaceae, to improve root nodule development, nitrogen fixation and plant biomass production
  • Spena A., Rotino G., Ficcadenti N., Defez R.,
    Patent Holders C.N.R. e G.IN.E.ST.R.A. e M.I.P.A.
    Deposited: 16/07/1999 Italian Patent Office: RM99A000451.
    PCT extension 13/07/2000 n° 24453
    Method to modulate the expression of genes inducing the parthenocarpic trait in plants
  • Defez, S. Camerini & A. Pascucci,
    GREEN MAGIC KIT per condurre un esperimento di biotecnologia in classe
    N° RM 2001/C/004695
  • Crimi, A. La Volpe & R. Defez
    BROWN MAGIC KIT per il piccolo Biotecnologo
    N° RM 2004/C/003326
  • Defez R.,
    Patent Holder: CNR
    Deposited: 14/06/2005, Italian Patent Office: n. RM2005A000308
    Metodo per incrementare la sopravvivenza di ceppi batterici del genere Rhizobio.
    PCT extension n. PCT/IT2006/000449 deposited on June 13th 2006.
  • Defez R.
    Patent Holder: CNR
    Deposited: 23 marzo 2009, Italian Patent Office, n. RM2009A000128.
    Metodo per aumentare la solubilizzazione del fosfato assimilabile dalle piante
  • Defez R.
    Patent Holder: CNR
    Deposited on March 16, 2010 PCT extension n. PCT/IB2010/051249
    Method to increase phosphate solubilization in plant
  • Defez R.
    Patent holder: CNR
    December 7, 2010. United States patent No. 7.846.708 B2.
    Method for increasing the survival of bacterial strains of the Rhizobium genus
  • Bianco C. and Defez R.
    Patent Holder CNR.
    Deposited 3 march 2015 n. RM2015A00096
    “Microrganismi e loro uso per il disinquinamento ambientale”
  • Defez R., inventore
    CNR patent holder
    October 2015, US patent n. US 9.157.104 B2
    Method to increase phosphate solubilization in plant

Organization of Congress & Workshops

  • Co-organizer I.P.R.A.-C.N.R. workshop: Molecular Biology of the Rhizobium-legume interaction. Amalfi (SA), 7-11 April1987
  • Co-organizer IIGB Jubilee Symposium 25th Anniversary, Castel dell’Ovo, Napoli, September 1988.
  • Co-organizer del EMBO RAISA workshop, The Molecular Biology of Rhizobium-legume Symbiosis, Capri, 23-28 October 1991.
  • Co-organizer del XIV IIGB Workshop: Capri, 20-23 October 2000 Plant Development: From Cell Fate to Organ Development.
  • Organizer Fabamed meeting, Napoli 29 November-1° December 2001Local Organizer XIV European Nitrogen Fixation meeting, Naples August 2020 ( )
  • Local Organizer II PlantEd Cost action congress, Lecce (Italy) September 20-22, 2021

Competitive Grants

  • Italian Ministry of Agriculture area 6 n° 257 National project for Vegetal Biotechnologies,1996-2000, coordinator.
  • Naples Scientific and Technological Park, Medical and Agri-food Biotechnology. 1997-2000, coordinator.
  • Italian Ministry or University and Research, law 95/95. 1998-2001, contractor.
    National Research Council, Target Project Biotechnology II. 1998-2001, coordinator.
  • Italian Ministry or University and Research, Law 6/2000 Diffusion of the Scientific Culture. 2004-2006, contractor.
  • Italian Ministry or University and Research, FIRB project: Forage Legume postgenomics, RBNE018BHE_008. 2002-2006, contractor.
  • European Union Project Biotech IV FW BI04-CT97-2319, 1997-2000, contractor
  • European Union Project INCO-Developping Countries n° IC18 CT980313, IV FW, 1997-2002, contractor
  • European Union project INCO-Developping Countries n° ICA4-2000-10355, V FW. 2002-2007, coordinator.
  • Region Campania, Vegetal Biodiversity(SALVE) PSR Campania 2007-2013, Misura 214 - azione f2, 2010-2014 Made in Italy Agroalimentare, project CISIA, CNR, coordinator 2011-2014
  • European Union Project n° 289562-ABSTRESS, subcontractor. 2012-2016
  • Project POR Quarc, 2012-2015. Contractor.
  • Project POR BIP, 2013-2016. Contractor.
  • Project POR Fish, 2019-2020. Contractor.
  • Italian Representative in the Management Committee and Contractor of the Cost Action CA18111: PlantEd. 2019-2023

Public understanding of Science and Audits at the Parliament


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  • “Scoperta”. Codice Editor 2018, by Roberto Defez. Come la ricerca scientifica può aiutare a cambiare l’Italia. ISBN: 978-887578726-4. First classed Price Divulgazione scientifica nazionale Giancarlo Dosi 2018 section Social, Economic and Legal sciences. Third among all sections. Selected among the final 5 books at the Galileo Price 2019.

Memberships & Prizes

  • Member of the Italian National Academy of Agriculture
  • Member of the Ethical Panel of the Foundation Umberto Veronesi
  • Prize Guido Dorso 2020 for Science

Selected Publications

(full list available at CNR People)

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