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Genetically modified trees - State and perspectives

Nonic M, Vettori C, Boscaleri F, Milovanovic J, Sijacic-Nikolic M

Genetika 44: 429-440. [ISSN: 1820-6069] (2012)
doi: 10.2298/GENSR1202429N

Genetically modified trees are the result of modern plant breeding. Its introduction into the environment for experimental purposes or wider cultivation is defined differently from country to country. Public opinion is divided! Conducted research are part of the activities within the COST Action FP0905 ,,Biosafety of forest transgenic trees", which aims to collect information and define the scientific attitude on genetically modified trees as a basis for future European Union (EU) policy in this field. The collected information refer to eight countries: four EU member states (Italy, Slovenia, Romania and Bulgaria) and four countries in the process of pre-accession (Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina). A comparative analysis involved the state of forest resources (area of forest land and forest cover), forestry legislation, legislation relating to genetically modified organisms and the general public attitude on this issue. The collected information provide a good basis for understanding this issue in order to define a clear scientific attitude as a recommendation

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