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Geographical information systems for environmental risk assessment and GMO monitoring

Bottalico F, Donnarumma F, Fiorentini S, Paffetti D, Vettori C, Travaglini D

In: “DEvelopment of a quick Monitoring index as a tool to assess Environmental impacts of TRAnsgenic crops (DEMETRA)”(Cristina Vettori, IGV-CNR, Italy; Davide Travaglini, GESAAF-UNIFI Italy; Laura Bartalucci, Tuscany Region, Italy; Carla Lazzarotto, Tuscany Region, Italy; Donatella Paffetti, DISPAA-UNIFI, Italy; Lorenzo Chelazzi, ISE-CNR, Italy; Antonio Perfetti, Park MSRM, Italy eds). pp. 119-134. [ISBN: 978-88-90365-38-6] (2013)

(abstract not available)

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