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Apulian pulse germplasm. A summary of SaVeGraINPuglia project

Piergiovanni AR

Legume perspectives International Legume Society (ILS) 14: 43. (2017)

From 2014 Apulia region has promoted, in the frame of the European funding for "Projects of Rural Development", five projects aimed to collection, characterisation, ex situ and in situ conservation of the autochthonous plant genetic resources. One of these projects, still in progress and named SaVeGraINPuglia (Recovery, characterization, safeguard and valorisation of pulses, cereals and forage species in Apulia), is focused on the regional herbaceous germplasm. The project is coordinated by the Istituto di Biosciences and Bio-Risorse (IBBR-CNR, Bari).

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