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Conservation of the population of Calendula maritima Guss., a threatened species of Sicilian flora
Project ID 256
Acronym Not Available
Project acronym and title Conservation of the population of Calendula maritima Guss., a threatened species of Sicilian flora
Contract Prot. 0000757 IGV-CNR
Description Calendula maritima is an endemic species of Sicily particularly threatened, whose populations colonize some stretches of the coast of the Province of Trapani. In order to contribute to the conservation of this precious element of the island’s biological heritage and its habitat, a project was developed to protect the species and populations most at risk. The project has a duration of two years and is carried out by a partnership that includes the Conservatoire Botanique National de Brest, France (CBNB), the Group of Plant Specialists of the Mediterranean Islands (CSE / IUCN), the Department of Environmental Biology and Biodiversity of the University of Palermo (DBABUP), the IBBR-CNR), the Agricultural Institute ‘Abele Damianì of Marsala and the Regional Province of Trapani (PRTP). Activity carried out: Three types of targeted and complementary actions were carried out within the project. The first two aim to ensure the ex situ conservation (action 1) and in situ (action 2) of the genetic diversity of the Calendula populations, through the realization of a seed bank representative of its natural biological diversity, the realization of a nursery of conservation, the strengthening of threatened populations, the implementation of restoration actions and management of degraded habitats in which the last populations exist. The third action (action 3) is aimed at raising awareness and consists of education and information activities that will allow to enhance the actions carried out in the field and to sensitize the local population on the issues of biodiversity conservation in general.
UOS Palermo
Role Capofila/Coordinatore
Signatory Pignone Domenico
Contact Person Carimi Francesco, Garfì Giuseppe
Starting of activities 2012
Ending of activities 2014
Extension -
Amount (euro) 40000.00
Technological Area -
Technological Field Ottimizzazione dell’uso delle risorse naturali negli ecosistemi agricoli e forestali
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