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IBBR Project #254

Urgent actions to rescue Zelkova sicula from extinction
Project ID 254
ID LIFE10NAT/IT/000237
Acronym Zelkov@zione
Project acronym and title Urgent actions to rescue Zelkova sicula from extinction
Contract CUP B76C11000040008
Description Zelkova sicula is a very rare plant discovered in 1991, which survives only in two small areas, located in the mountain range of the Iblei Mountains in south-eastern Sicily, each consisting of a few hundred copies; Z. sicula appeared during the Tertiary Era, and later, during the Quaternary glaciations, the genus Zelkova became extinct in all of continental Europe. Because of its rarity, the species is therefore included in the Red List of endangered species in the category "seriously endangered" by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Today Z. sicula is threatened by several factors: the long geographical isolation, small populations, loss of genetic variability, poor fruiting with probable sterility of seeds, summer water stress, strong anthropogenic disturbance, the lack of concrete measures for protection and moreover tno legal standards of protection; the result is the absence of protection for specie. Aim of the project is to eliminate the threat factors in order to obtain the protection of the species, through concrete activities of conservation, standard legal protection acts , information campaigns and awareness raising.
Funding body Commissione Europea, Programma LIFE
UOS Palermo
Role Coordinatore/Research Unit
Signatory Domenico Pignone
Contact Person Giuseppe Garfì
Starting of activities 2011
Ending of activities 2016
Extension 2017-09-30
Amount (euro) 2334663.00
Technological Area -
Technological Field Ottimizzazione dell’uso delle risorse naturali negli ecosistemi agricoli e forestali
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