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Tropospheric ozone effects on forest growth and diversity
Project ID 180
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Project acronym and title Tropospheric ozone effects on forest growth and diversity
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Description Objectives 1500 characters The scope of TROZGRODIV2 is to strengthen the cooperation of Romania and Italy developed by the previous TROZGRODIV in the area of quantifying ozone effects on forest growth and diversity. TROZGRODIV2 will work back-to-back with the LIFE15 project MOTTLES (where Romanian and Italian partners collaborate) and FO3X (a free air ozone exposure facility to simulate ozone impacts on vegetation), with the following major aims: 1. To validate the stomatal ozone flux approach for the protection of Italian and Romanian forests 2. To assess which are the most vulnerable forest species to ozone pollution in a changing climate 3. To develop science-based forest management strategies for the protection of forests from ozone under climate change 4. To develop research proposals with EU funding perspective and further consolidate the scientific cooperation between the participating countries
UOS Firenze
Role Partner
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Contact Person Vendramin Giovanni Giuseppe
Starting of activities 2017
Ending of activities 2019
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Amount (euro) 1.00
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Technological Field Ottimizzazione dell’uso delle risorse naturali negli ecosistemi agricoli e forestali
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