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IBBR Project #179

Ntegrated research on FOrest Resilience and Management in the mEDiterranean
Project ID 179
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Project acronym and title Ntegrated research on FOrest Resilience and Management in the mEDiterranean
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Description INFORMED develops a dynamic approach of the resilience of Mediterranean forests facing global change based on the following conceptual scheme: global change modifies the overall context of a social-ecological system where management drives the forest biodiversity and functions, which determine the ecosystem services; their economic assessment can support the governance system in selecting the more appropriate future management options. The project has three main scientific objectives: to fill-in knowledge gaps on the basic mechanisms that determine the flexibility of the social-ecological system in response to disturbance; to integrate knowledge by combining different process-based models at various spatial andtemporal scale; to use integrated knowledge to develop management strategies as well as policy and governance guidelines to foster forest system resilience
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Signatory Vendramin Giovanni Giuseppe
Contact Person Vendramin Giovanni Giuseppe
Starting of activities 2017
Ending of activities 2018
Extension -
Amount (euro) 1.00
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