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Climate Change Mitigation through a Sustainable Supply Chain for the Olive Oil Sector
Project ID 172
ID LIFE15 CCM/IT/000141
Project acronym and title Climate Change Mitigation through a Sustainable Supply Chain for the Olive Oil Sector
Contract -
Description The idea of the project develops from the relationship between sustainable agricultural techniques, which have direct impact on climate change mitigation. An evaluation of the Life Cycle will be carried out in order to achieve a systemic picture of the production processes and of products through a quantitative assessment of the carbon footprint associated with the production of extra virgin olive oil. This process is going to be tested in the Mediterranean countries with heterogeneous environmental conditions and with significant olive cultivation records, in three different geographical contexts: Italy, Greece and Israel. The goal is to test useful strategies for creating a sustainable olive oil sector and promoting products deriving from integrated and organic cultivation methods that can determine the improvement in the balance between absorbed and emitted CO2, and to demonstrate them in the countries addressed for their uptake
Funding body EU, Programe LIFE Nature & Biodiversity
UOS Perugia
Role Partner
Signatory Vendramin Giovanni Giuseppe
Contact Person Baldoni Luciana
Starting of activities 2016
Ending of activities 2019
Extension -
Amount (euro) 249479.94
Technological Area -
Technological Field Ottimizzazione dell’uso delle risorse naturali negli ecosistemi agricoli e forestali
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