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Tree fragmented populations from refugial areas: the anfiadriatic connection
Project ID 157
ID 00000
Project acronym and title Tree fragmented populations from refugial areas: the anfiadriatic connection
Contract 000000
Description The specific objectives of the research proposal are: 1) The genetic characterization with already available molecular markers (nSSRs and cpSSRs) of at least 6 populations (3 from the Apennines and 3 from Montenegro, 50 geo-referenced individuals per populations) of Aa, Pa, Pn and Ph; 2) The genetic characterization with nSSRs and cpSSRs of at least 3 populations (2 continuous and 1 peripheral and fragmented, 50 geo-referenced individuals per populations) of Pp, with test for transferability of markers from other Pinaceae; at least 12 markers, combining nSSRs and cpSSRs will be tested; 3) After having added the newly genotyped Aa, Pa, Pn and Ph populations to already existing datasets, estimating the existing spatial and non-spatial genetic structure at the biogeographical level; 4) Estimating divergence time through ABC-based approaches (e.g. DIYABC or popABC software, depending on the level of differentiation found); 5) Estimating migration rates through Bayesian approaches (e.g. Migrate software); 6) Comparing parameters describing genetic variation, divergence and inbreeding between continuous and fragmented Pp populations; 7) Propose actions for the conservation of the genetic resources of the selected species in Italy and in Montenegro; 8) Strengthen the scientific collaboration between the two countries and favour the exchange of scientists and students
UOS Firenze
Role Partner
Signatory Vendramin Giovanni Giuseppe
Contact Person Vendramin Giovanni Giuseppe
Starting of activities 2015
Ending of activities 2017
Extension -
Amount (euro) 2500.00
Technological Area -
Technological Field Ottimizzazione dell’uso delle risorse naturali negli ecosistemi agricoli e forestali
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