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GGP11076 - New Phamacological Target in Fanconi Anaemia
Project ID 108
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Project acronym and title GGP11076 - New Phamacological Target in Fanconi Anaemia
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Description Objective: We will screen for new pharmacological targets in order to prevent or delay deleterious effects of genome instability in Fanconi Anemia (FA) patients.

Background and rationale: We have recently published genetic evidence that the main role of the Fanconi pathway is to negatively regulate non homologous end joining (NHEJ) during meiotic double strand breaks (DSBs) repair and DNA damage repair due to blocked replication forks in Metazoan. Such strong evidences have been obtained in the powerful model system Caenorhabditis elegans, and validated in mammalian and Fanconi patients cell lines. The present challenge is to dissect the molecular components and the biochemical mechanisms leading to such regulation in order to prevent up-regulation of NHEJ in Fanconi patients.

Description of the project: To identify potential targets we will follow simultaneous genetic and biochemical approaches to isolate genes involved in cross-talking between the FA and NHEJ pathways using C. elegans as a model. We will perform a genetic screening for mutants tolerant/resistant to interstrand crosslinking (ICL) agent induced damage. Corresponding genes will be identified and characterized and their interactions/biochemical functions studied. A complementary biochemical approach will be followed to identify proteins directly interacting with the fcd-2 (C. elegans FANCD2 ortholog) protein. Finally, the target genes identified in C. elegans will be validated with appropriate studies in FA patient cells
Funding body TELETHON
UOS Napoli
Role Coordinatore/Research Unit
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Contact Person La Volpe Adriana, Ciaramella Maria
Starting of activities 2012
Ending of activities 2016
Extension -
Amount (euro) 264300.00
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