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Francesca Taranto

Role: Researcher
Section: Researchers and Technologists
Division: Bari
Tel: (39) 39-5583400

Since 28/11/2019 she is a Researcher at National Research Council of Italy, Institute of Biosciences and Bioresources (CNR-IBBR), Bari (area: Biology, Biotechnology and BioResource - Scientific-disciplinary sector: AGR/07).

Scientific activities

Her research activity is focused on marker assisted breeding and genetics of olive, wheat, legumes and other cultivated trees (almond and grapevine). Genetics, molecular biology, genomics and bioinformatics are used to investigate population genetics, biodiversity and gene flow, and identify key genes involved in the expression of important agronomic traits.

She is author of 26 scientific papers on international journals with IF (number of documents: 26; total citations: 389; H index: 11; Scopus database queried on September 4th 2020) and of chapters in international books

She is reviewer for several international scientific journals. Since January 2018 she is Review Editor in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, part of the journal(s) Frontiers in Genetics, Plant Science and Bioengineering and Biotechnology. Since July 2018 she is Review Editor for Plant Breeding, a specialty of Frontiers in Plant Science.

Since 2017 she is a member of the Italian Society of Agricultural Genetics.

Since 1/09/2020 she is Editor of the Special Issue "Genetics and Genomics of Olives" of Agriculture (ISSN 2077-0472).

Research projects

She is scientific responsible of Bilateral agreement (2021-2022)- HCST/NCRD - The Higher Council for Science and Technology /National Centre for Research and Development. Title of project: Assessment of Genetic Diversity among Indigenous Populations of Ancient Olive (Olea europaea L.) Trees from Jordan.

Skills and Expertise

Plant breeding, Population genetics, Evolution, Biodiversity, Genetic resources conservation, Crop domestication, Genomics, Gene flow, Adaptation, Linkage mapping, Genome-wide association mapping.

Nucleic acid extraction and PCR; Office, Statistics (R), SNP data analysis and Association Mapping (Plink, Vcftools, GAPIT, SNP and Variation Suite, TASSEL), population genetics (STRUCTURE, Admixture, GenAlex, Arlequin, Mega, Darwin, Cervus, Bayescan, Pcadapt), Genetic Mapping (JoinMap, MapQTL), Plant functional annotation and classification (Mapman, Mercator 4.0), Gene families and genomic homology (Plaza).

Selected publications



  1. Pavan, S., Delvento, C., Mazzeo, R., Ricciardi, F., Losciale, P., Gaeta, L., D’Agostino, N., Taranto, F., Sánchez-Pérez, R., Ricciardi, L., Lotti, C. Almond diversity and homozygosity define structure, kinship, inbreeding, and linkage disequilibrium in cultivated germplasm, and reveal genomic associations with nut and seed weight. Horticulture Research, 2021, 8(1), 15.
  2. Taranto, F. D’Agostino, N. Catellani, M. Laviano, L. Ronga, D. Milc, J. & and Francia, E. (2020) Characterization of Celiac Disease-Related Epitopes and Gluten Fractions, and Identification of Associated Loci in Durum Wheat. Agronomy 10, 1231.
  3. Taranto, F., D’Agostino, N., Rodriguez, M., Pavan, S., Minervini, A. P., Pecchioni, N., Papa R., De Vita, P. (2020). Whole genome scan reveals molecular signatures of divergence and selection related to important traits in durum wheat germplasm. Frontiers in Genetics, 11, 217.
  4. Pavan S, Bardaro N, Fanelli F, Marcotrigiano A R, Mangini G, Taranto F, Catalano M, Montemurro C, De Giovanni C, Lotti C, Ricciardi L. (2019) Genotyping by Sequencing of Cultivated Lentil (Lens culinaris Medik.) Highlights Population Structure in the Mediterranean Gene Pool Associated With Geographic Patterns and Phenotypic Variables. Frontiers in Genetics, September 2019
  5. Pasquale De Vita, Francesca Taranto “Durum Wheat (Triticum turgidum ssp. durum) Breeding to Meet the Challenge of Climate Change Advances in Plant Breeding Strategies, Vol 5 Cereals and Legumes to be published by Springer in 2019
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  8. Piarulli L, Savoia MA, Taranto F, D’Agostino N, Sardaro R, Girone S, Gadaleta S, Fucili V, De Giovanni C, Montemurro C, Pasqualone A, Fanelli V. (2019) A Robust DNA Isolation Protocol from Filtered Commercial Olive Oil for PCR-Based Fingerprinting. Foods, 8(10), 462.
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