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Workshop: Bringing Maths to Life 2017 (BMTL) - Naples, 7-9 June 2017

Dear Colleague,

We would like to invite you to the 3RD EDITION OF THE BRINGING MATHS TO LIFE WORKSHOP that will be held in Naples, on 7-9 June 2017

The workshop provide an occasion for biologists and mathematicians to join forces in addressing key areas in biology that face demanding mathematical challenges. Discussing existing cases to identify gaps or to share existing solutions should help these disciplines in
successfully linking up.

BMTL 2017 workshop, as a mélange of different fields, will consist of selected contributions for open discussion to present and confront the most updated results at the interface of mathematics and biology in three main sessions:

  • DATA: Acquisition, Pre-processing and Storage in different omics datasets
  • INFORMATION: Data analysis, Novel -omics technologies, Application of deep learning to different -omics datasets.
  • KNOWLEDGE: Integration of different -omics data, System biology of -omics data

This year the workshop will be held in the magnificent Capitolo Hall of St. Domenico Maggiore Convent, one of the most important space created during the renovation started by the prior Ruffo (XVII century).

Confirmed speakers

  • Prof Antti Honkela, University of Helsinki, Finland
  • Dr. Daniele Iudicone, Zoological Station of Naples A. Dohrn, Italy
  • Prof. Hans Westerhoff, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

For more information visit the website [1]

Important dates

Abstract submission & early registration: MARCH 30TH, 2017

Scientists are invited to send their contributions. Abstracts should be
in English and contain original research results. Commercial and
promotional material will not be accepted. At least one of the authors
is expected to register to the conference. All abstracts will be peer
reviewed by an international scientific board that will decide whether
presenting them as a poster or an oral contribution.

Selected peer-review papers will be considered for publication in
monographs and special issues of international journals.

We hope to meet you in Naples.


  • Vincenza Colonna, IGB - CNR
  • Mario Guarracino, ICAR - CNR
  • Alessandra Rogato, IBBR - CNR
  • Valeria Zazzu

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