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Join us for a Workshop on nCS1 and Exhibition of VES4US

The company Anasysta in cooperation with Spectradyne and VES4US H2020 FETOPEN project is offering an exclusive introductory workshop of the Spectradyne nCS1 followed by an exhibition event of VES4US organized in the framework of Future Tech Week.

Wednesday, 25 September 2019
From 9:00 am - 07.00 pm


CNR Conference Hall
Via Pietro Castellino 111, Napoli, Italy

Nano and micro-vesicles and particles-related research is expanding and the conventional quantification technologies such as nanoparticle tracking analysis (NTA), dynamic light scattering (DLS) and tunable resistive pulse sensing (TRPS) are unable to meet the increasing standards of rigor that this field demands. Emerging immobilization-based methods for quantification also suffers from the complexities of the affinity-based techniques used to fix the samples before measurement.

During the workshop, participants will receive a detailed introduction to the innovative nCS1 technology and the many different application fields for the nCS1.

Furthermore, participants will have the opportunity to receive a hands-on training on nCS1. Attendees are encouraged to bring samples (e.g. EV’s, plasma, protein aggregates, etc.) to run on nCS1.

Preliminary Agenda:

09.00 am Welcome and Introduction
09.30 am Introduction to Microresistive Pulse Sensing
10.15 am Coffee break
10.30 am VES4US - An European FET-Open project to exploit extracellular vesicles
11.00 am Techniques for the measurement of size distribution and concentration of EVs
11.30 am Introduction of nCS1
01.00 pm Lunch break
02.00 pm Hands-on FlowCam© training with possibility to bring your own samples
05.30 pm Final remarks and questions
06.00 pm Talk and drinks with VES4US people, an exhibition on the future production of extracellular vesicles

Seats are limited. Register in advance to secure your spot. Please use the link below and confirm your participation.

Two sections will be real-time webcasted:

9.45-11.15 Section 1
Welcome and introduction: extracellular vesicles, Microresistive Pulse Sensing, Spectradyne (by Gabriella Pocsfalvi, IBBR-CNR, Spectradyne parters and distributors Anasysta e.K., Meritics Ltd.)

11.15-12.45 Section 2
Ves4US a European consortium for the exploitation of extracellular vesicles (by partners of Ves4US Christopher Stanly and Vincenzo Martorana) and nCS1 instrumentation (by Sven Klutczka, ANASYSTA e.K.)

The Organising committe

Gabriella Pocsfalvi (EVs-MS research group, IBBR-CNR)
Christopher Stanly (EVs-MS research group, IBBR-CNR)
Sven Kluczka (ANASYSTA e.K.)


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