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International Congress “Stress Biology and Crop Fertility” (Sorrento, Italy - 18-22 Marzo 2015)

Call for Abstract and Participation

We are pleased to announce the 3rd Conference organized in the framework of the SPOT-ITN project (Marie Curie Actions, Initial Training Network, EU Grant No 289220; Stress Biology and Crop Fertility


  • Global Stress Response
  • Hormone Signalling
  • Sexual Plant Reproduction
  • Epigenetic Regulation of Plant Reproduction
  • Metabolic, Proteomic and Genomic Networks in Stress and Development

The conference will bring together approximately 20 invited speakers of outstanding international reputation covering various scientific aspects and the young scientists of the SPOT-ITN consortium. All the speakers will provide an overview of recent developments and approaches in the field and will share with the audience their thoughts and ideas for future avenues in their research. We hope this symposium will attract not only established scientists, but also international graduate students and postdocs interested in the field or in related topics. A special issue on an international journal with impact factor will be associated to the Conference.

Abstract for Poster and Oral presentations are welcome and Registrations for all interested participants are now opened at (early registration deadline February, 10th 2015).

Local Organizing Committee

Maria Luisa Chiusano and Luigi Frusciante,
Department of Agricultural Sciences
University Federico II of Naples, Italy

Scientific Committee

  • Enrico Schleiff, Germany
  • Klaus-Dieter Scharf, Germany
  • Arnaud Bovy, The Netherlands
  • Maria Luisa Chiusano, Italy
  • Nurit Firon, Israel
  • Stefania Grillo, Italy
  • Rina Iannacone, Italy
  • Celestina Mariani, The Netherlands
  • Ivo Rieu, The Netherlands
  • Wim Vriezen, The Netherlands
  • Wolfram Weckwerth, Austria
  • Peter Winter, Germany


Confirmed Invited Speakers per topic:

Global Stress Response:

  • Eduardo Blumwald, USA
  • Anil Grover, India
  • Teun Munnik, The Netherlands
  • Elizabeth Vierling, USA

Hormone Signalling:

  • Mondher Bouzayen, France
  • Salomé Prat, Spain
  • Pedro Rodrigez, Spain
  • Dominique Van Der Straeten, Belgium

Sexual Plant Reproduction:

  • Thomas Dresselhaus, Germany
  • David Honys, Czech Republic
  • David Twell, United Kingdom

Epigenetic Regulation of Plant Reproduction:

  • Ales Pecinka, Germany
  • R. Keith Slotkin, USA

Metabolomics, Proteomics, Genomics and Modelling in Stress and Development:

  • Asaph Aharoni, Israel
  • Jörg Bernhardt, Germany
  • Alexandra M.E. Jones, United Kingdom
  • Arndt von Haeseler, Austria
  • Stefano Mazzoleni, Italy

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