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2nd PlantEd conference: Plant genome editing - the wide range of applications

20 -22 September 2021, Lecce, Italy

COST Action CA18111 (PlantEd)

A great challenge of this century is to provide adequate nutrition for an increasing global population while developing a more socially, economically and environmentally sustainable agriculture that counters climate change, biodiversity loss and degradation of arable land. Plant research and breeding are very important in meeting this challenge. Building on scientific progress, a number of genome editing techniques have been developed over the past two decades allowing an unprecedented level of precision in our control over genetic material and its corresponding traits.

This COST Action will bring together expertise from a range of disciplines to evaluate plant genome editing techniques and their resulting products from various perspectives. The findings will serve to design a roadmap for directing and facilitating applications of genome editing in plant research and breeding, which in turn will help setting R&D priorities and stimulating further cross-national and cross-disciplinary collaborations.

Participants: 36 European Countries, 5 Near Neighbour Countries,
9 International Partner Countries, 2 EU Agencies, and 2 International Organisations

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