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MeioSys Final Project Meeting Naples, 6th - 8th May 2014 Advances in understanding manipulation of meiotic recombination from Arabidopsis to crop plants MeioSys Final Project Meeting Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn, Naples

Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn , Naples, 6th - 8th May 2014

Tuesday 6th May

3:00 pm Opening by Sue Armstrong, MeioSys Coordinator UoB

3:20 pm Welcome by Giovanni Vendramin, Director of CNR IBBR

Women in Science

Chair: Sue Armstrong - University of Birmingham

3:30 pm Kirsten Bomblies, Harvard University: Adaptation of meiosis to whole genome duplication

4:00 pm Lydia Smith, Director of Innovation Farm: Crop Science and Agriculture - still a ‘male only’ preserve?

4:30 pm Coffee break

4:45 pm Adriana La Volpe, CNR IBBR Naples:Genome instability and apoptosis regulation in C. elegans meiosis

5:15 pm Aurora Storlazzi, CNR IBBR Naples: Meiosis in Sordaria macrospora: interplay between recombination and chromosome structure

5:45 pm Close

8:00 pm Dinner

Wednesday 7th May

Understanding recombination

Chair: Peter Schloegelhofer - University of Vienna

9:00 am Ian Henderson, University of Cambridge- Keynote lecture:Crossover hotspots and coldspots in Arabidopsis


9:45 am Workpackage 2: Genomics of meiotic protein complexes:

Peter Schlögelhofer / Manuel Hofer - UNIVIE, Kim Osman - UoB

10:30 am Coffee break

10:45 am Workpackage 1: Bioinformatics & meiotic systems modeling: Chris Franklin/Jianhua Yang - UoB

11:15 am Workpackage 3: Meiotic protein function & CO hotspot distribution: Mónica Pradillo/Juan Santos - UCM, Kim Osman - UoB

12.00 pm Workpackage 4: Mutants modulating crossover formation:Wayne Crismani - INRA

12:30 pm Workpackage 5: Chromosome structure & organisation: Pasquale Termolino/Clara Conicella - CNR IBBR Portici

1:00 pm Lunch

2:00 pm Workpackage 6: Knowledge transfer to crops: Isabelle Colas/Luke Ramsey - James Hutton Institute

2:30 pm Eva Hoffman, University of Sussex - Keynote lecture: Age and the human oocyte: Novel chromosome segregation patterns and true meiotic drive for recombinant chromatids in human female meiosis

3:15 pm Workpackage 7: Training, dissemination and Management updates: Sue Armstrong, MeioSys Coordinator UoB

3:45 pm Coffee break

Young scientists trained by MeioSys

Chair: Zewei Luo - University of Birmingham

4:00 pm Wayne Crismani, Pioneer (USA): Truths and myths about recombination in plant breeding

4:30 pm Riccardo Aiese Cigliano, Sequentia Biotech (Spain): Science designers: the next generation of bioinformatics consultants

5:00 pm Jianhua Yang, UoB: MEIOSYS workpackage 1: a summary and looking forward

5:30 pm Close

8:00 pm Dinner

Thursday 8th May

MeioSys: Recombination for Crop Breeding

Chair: Chris Franklin - University of Birmingham

9:00 am Cilia Lelivelt, Rijk Zwaan: Breeding per chromosome

9:30 am Luke Ramsey, James Hutton Institute: Translation of Arabidopsis and meiosis to crop species

10:00 am Coffee break

10:30 am Plant Breeders Discussion: open forum

11:30 am Discussion and Perspectives/Horizon 2020: chaired by Clara Conicella, CNR IBBR Portici andSue Armstrong, MeioSys Coordinator UoB

12:30 pm Light lunch

1:30 pm Meeting close


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