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Teresa Docimo

Role: Researcher
Section: Researchers and Technologists
Division: Portici
Tel: (39) 0812539223


PhD on” Biochemistry and Pathology of Drug’s Action”, University of Salerno, 2008

Graduated in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Naples, Federico II, 2003

Work experiences

2004-2008: Ph. D Student at the University of Salerno

2006-2007: Ph. D visiting scientist at the Washington State University, Pullman, laboratories of Prof. Rodney Croteau

2008 - 2011: Post-doctoral researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology, Jena, Biochemistry Department Director Prof. Jonathan Gershenzon

2011-2013: Post-doctoral fellow at CNR, IBBA, laboratories of Doctor Monica Mattana

2013-2017: Post-doctoral fellow at CNR-IBBR, Research Division of Portici

April 2018-December 2018: researcher technologist at L’Incanto s. r. l, Paris

2018-Researcher at CNR-IBBR, Research Division of Portici

Main research topics

My research activity within the “Genetics and biotechnologies for the improvement of agro-industrial productions” group at CNR-IBBR in Portici is focused on the investigation of the biosynthetic pathways leading to plant specialized metabolites production, including their regulation and evolution.

Others focus regard

  • Study of molecular mechanisms and regulatory networks underlying plant-environmental interactions
  • Selection and characterization of genotypes with higher nutritional commercial, nutraceutical quality
  • Characterization and improvement of genotypes of ligno-cellulosic biomass crops with increased tolerance to drought and salt stress


Transcriptome reprogramming, epigenetic modifications and alternative splicing orchestrate the tomato root response to the beneficial fungus Trichoderma harzianum. Monica De Palma, Maria Salzano, Clizia Villano, Riccardo Aversano, Matteo Lorito, Michelina Ruocco, Teresa Docimo, Anna Lisa Piccinelli, Nunzio D’Agostino, and Marina Tucci. Horticulture Research. DOI: 10.1038/s41438-018-0079-1

Metabolic and Molecular Changes of the Phenylpropanoid Pathway in Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) Lines Carrying Different Solanum pennellii Wild Chromosomal Regions. Rigano, MM; Raiola, A; Docimo, T; Ruggieri, V; Calafiore, R; Vitaglione, P; Ferracane, R; Frusciante, L; Barone, A Frontiers in Plant Science 1664-462X Volume: 7 , 2016. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2016.01484

Insights in the fruit flesh browning mechanisms in Solanum melongena genetic lines with opposite post-cut behavior. Docimo T, Francese G, De Palma M, Mennella D, Toppino L, Lo Scalzo R, Mennella G, Tucci M. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2016 DOI: 10.1021/acs.jafc.6b00662.

Phenylpropanoids accumulation in eggplant fruits: characterization of biosynthetic genes and regulation by a MYB transcription factor. Docimo T, Francese G., Ruggiero A., Batelli G., De Palma M., Bassolino L,Toppino L, Rotino G.L, Mennella G, Tucci M. Frontiers in Plant Science. 2016 doi: 10.3389/fpls.2015.01233.

Influence of medium and elicitors on the production of cocaine, amino acids and phytohormones by Erythroxylum coca calli. Docimo T, A. J. Davis, K. Luck, C. Fellenberg, M. Reichelt, M. Phillips, J. Gershenzon, J. C. D’Auria. Plant Cell and Tissue Organ Culture, 120 (3), 1061-1075, 2015. doi: 10.1007/s11240-014-0660-8

Characterization of edestin gene family in Cannabis sativa L. Docimo T, Caruso I, Ponzoni E, Mattana M, Galasso I. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 84, 142-148, 2014.

Role of Arabidopsis UV RESISTANCE LOCUS 8 in plant growth reduction under osmotic stress. Fasano R, Gonzalez N, Tosco A, Dal Piaz F, Docimo T, Serrano R, Grillo S, Leone A and Inzé D. Molecular Plant. 2014 doi:10.1093/mp/ssu002

Early phenylpropanoid biosynthetic steps in Cannabis sativa: link between genes and metabolites. Docimo T, Consonni R, Coraggio I, Mattana M. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2013, doi:10.3390/ijms140713626

Selection and validation of reference genes for quantitative gene expression studies in Erythroxylum coca. Docimo T, Schmidt G W, Luck K, Delaney S K, D’Auria J C. F1000 Research 2013, 2:37 , doi: 10.3410/f1000research.2-37. v1)

Ectopic expression of the Osmyb4 rice gene enhances synthesis of hydroxycinnamic acid derivatives in tobacco and clary sage. Docimo T, Mattana M, Fasano R, Consonni R., De Tommasi N, Coraggio I, Leone A. Biologia Plantarum. 2013. doi: 10.1007/s10535-012-0257-1.

Perilla frutescens (L.) Britton: honey bee forage and preliminary results on the metabolic profiling by NMR spectroscopy. Consonni R, Cagliani L. R, Docimo T, Abderrahmane R, Ferrazzi P. Natural Product Research. 12/2012; doi:10.1080/14786419.2012.751598

The first step in the biosynthesis of cocaine in Erythroxylum coca: the characterization of arginine and ornithine decarboxylases. Docimo T, Reichelt M, Schneider B, Kai M, Kunert G, Gershenzon J, D’Auria J C. Plant Molecular Biology. 02/2012; 78(6): 599-615. doi: 10.1007/s11103-012-9886-1

The MAP kinase MpkA controls cell wall integrity, oxidative stress response, gliotoxin production and iron adaptation in Aspergillus fumigatus. Jain R, Valiante V, Remme N, Docimo T, Heinekamp T, Hertweck C, Gershenzon J, Haas H, Brakhage A A. Molecular Microbiology. 08/2011; 82(1): 39-53. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2958.2011.07778.x.

Scalarane metabolites of the nudibranch Glossodoris rufomarginata and its dietary sponge from the South China Sea. Gavagnin M, Mollo E, Docimo T, Guo YW, Cimino G. Journal of Natural Products. 2004 Dec; 67(12):2104-7. doi: 10.1021/np040087s

Book chapter

In Vasil Georgiev, Atanas Pavlov Salvia Biotechnology Vincenzo D’Amelia, Alessandra Ruggiero, Valentina Tranchida-Lombardo, Antonietta Leone,Marina Tucci, Teresa Docimo. Biosynthesis of Salvia specialized metabolites and biotechnological approaches to increase their production ISBN: 9783319738994 , 2017.

Diamond Congress Ltd. XVI. Conference paper: Proceedings of XVIth EUCARPIA Capsicum and Eggplant Working Group Meeting Docimo T, Francese G, Ruggiero A., Batelli G., De Palma M., Bassolino L., Toppino L., Rotino G.L. Mennella G., Tucci M. Phenylpropanoid biosynthesis and regulation in Solanum melongena cv Lunga Napoletana. pp.506-513 ISBN 9786155270277201

Da antiche culture materiali e prodotti per il futuro. T. Docimo, R. Consonni, L.R. Cagliani, G. Lesma, V. Vito, C. Remuzzi, G. Roda, A. Silvani, A. Genga, F. Locatelli, I. Coraggio, M. Mattana Fenilpropanoidi in canapa e lino: via biosintetica e metaboliti prodotti. (ISBN o ISSN)978-88-907569-1-7, 2014


Selected Publications

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