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Marcella Urbano

Role: Researcher
Section: Researchers and Technologists
Division: Bari
Tel: (39) 0805583400-220
E-mail: marcella.urbano@ibbr.cnr.it

Present position
Permanent Researcher at the Institute of Biosciences and Bioresources (former Institute of Plant Genetics), CNR, Bari, Italy.

Education and Training
• 1994 -1997: Researcher-term at the Germplasm Institute (then it became Institute of Plant Genetics), CNR, Bari;
• 1989-1994: Researcher (grant) at the Germplasm Institute, Bari;
• 1987-1989: Researcher (grant) at the Plant Breeding Institute, Agricultural Faculty, University of Bari;
• 1986: Researcher-term at the Plant Breeding Institute, Agricultural Faculty, University of Bari;
• 1985: Researcher-term at the Arboricoltural Institute, Agricultural Faculty, University of Bari.
• 1984: Italian University Degree in Agriculture. Final score: 110/110.

Fields of Interest
• Plant genetic resources protection and cultivated species improvement. In particular: bread/durum wheat and its relatives by using seed storage proteins and waxy proteins as molecular and biochemical markers. Such studies are mainly focused on biodiversity, technological properties of wheat flour/semolina, varietal identification, homeology relationships.
• Planning and management of field tests with detection, acquisition and processing of morpho-phisiological data.
• Evaluation of agronomical aspects of protected areas for the correct management of the natural/rural areas.
• Promotion and dissemination of awareness/knowledge related to environmental protection issues, with special focus for safeguarding the natural and cultural mountain environment. Regional Operator for the Protection on the Mountain Environment (ORTAM) of the Club Alpino Italiano (recognized by the Ministry of the Environment as an environment association of national interest).

Research activities
• 2013-2015: “Recupero, caratterizzazione, salvaguardia e valorizzazione di leguminose e cereali da granella e foraggio in Puglia (SaVeGraINPuglia)”. Regione Puglia - Programma sviluppo rurale (PSR) FEARS 2007-2013 Reg. CE 1698/2005 asse II “Miglioramento dell’ambiente e dello spazio rurale” Misura 214, Azione 4, sub azione a) Progetti integrati per la Biodiversità.
• 2011-2012: Sviluppo di un modello per l’innovazione e la sostenibilità della filiera del frumento duro biologico della Capitanata”. joint project IGV-CNR (Bari)/ Experimental Institute for Cereals (CRA- Foggia) GRANOBIO (OIGA DM 18829/7818, DM 1871.
• 2007-2010: “Laboratorio di GENomica per caratteri di importanza AGROnomica in frumento duro: identificazione di geni utili, analisi funzionale e selezione assistita con marcatori molecolari per lo sviluppo della filiera sementiera nazionale Unità operativa afferente all’IGV del progetto AGROGEN”. MIUR (Italian Ministry of University and Research).
• 2007-2009: “Integrated software development for monitoring and management in Natura 2000 protected areas in Greece and Italy- pilot implementation in mutual ecosystems of Greece and Italy”. Interreg III A,Greece-Italy, 3.1, DGR n.1162 del 11.07.07.
• 2004-2006: “Identification of new genes related with pasta quality in durum wheat germplasm”, joint project CNR (Italy)/CSIRO (Australia)
• 2000-2004: IGV-CNR projects.
• 1998-2000: joint project CNR (Italy)/CSIRO (Australia) “New international standard and markers for wheat quality”.
Tutorial activity
• Tutor of foreigner visitors and young graduated and not graduated employed contract;
• supervisor of final-years university students for conferring degree on Biological Sciences.

Selected papers
• Margiotta B., Colaprico G., Urbano M. (2013) Polymorphism of High Mr Glutenin Subunits in wild emmer Triticum dicoccoides: chromatographic, electrophoretic separations and PCR analysis of their encoding genes. Genet Resour Crop Evol, 61(2), 331-343, DOI 10.1007/s10722-013-0037-6
• Jonnala R.S., MacRitchie F., Smail V.W., Seabourn B.W.,Tilley M., Lafiandra D., Urbano M. (2010). “Protein and quality characterization of complete and partial near isogenic lines of waxy wheat”, Cereal Chem. 87(6):538-545.
• Tomaselli V., Sciandrello S., Dibitonto P., Wagensommer R.P., Urbano M., Calabrese I.T., Garziano G., Cimarrusti G., Di Pietro R. (2010) Analisi del paesaggio vegetale ed agricolo della Riserva Naturale Statale di “Torre Guaceto” (Brindisi-Puglia). Cartografia della vegetazione, degli habitat e dell’uso del suolo. Quad.Bot.Amb.Appl. 21: 33-49
• Tomaselli V., Urbano M., Sciandrello S., Wagensommer R.P., Costanzo E., Albano A., Medagli P., Mele C., Di Pietro R., 2010. Cartografia tematica ed analisi del paesaggio vegetale ed agricolo del Parco Naturale Regionale “Saline di Punta della Contessa” (Brindisi-Puglia), Quad.Bot.Amb.Appl.,21: 53-76.
• D. Lafiandra, C. Ceoloni, R. Carozza, B. Margiotta, M. Urbano, G. Colaprico and M. G. D’Egidio. (2007). Introduction Of D-Genome Related Gluten Proteins Into Durum Wheat. In: Wheat Production in Stressed Environments, published by Springer, Eds. H. T. Buck, J. E. Nisi and N. Salomón, v.12, pp.449-454.
• Monari A.M., Simeone M.C., Urbano M., Margiotta B., Lafiandra D. (2005) Molecular characterization of new waxy mutants identified in bread and durum wheat. Theor.Appl.Genet. 110 pp: 1481-1489.
• Urbano M., Margiotta B., Colaprico G., Lafiandra D. (2002) Waxy proteins in tetraploid and hexaploid wheats. Plant Breeding 121(6): 465-469.


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