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Gaetano Laghetti

Role: Senior Researcher
Section: Researchers and Technologists
Division: Bari
Tel: (39) 0805583400-202


Laghetti Gaetano, IBBR-CNR

Personal Information Born in Bari (Italy) on 14.05.1959 In 1984 at the University of Bari, Faculty of Agriculture he obtained cum laude a degree in Agricultural Science In 1986 at the Faculty of Agriculture of Bari he passed the State Examination for qualification to practice the profession of agronomist In 1987 he won an international scholarship by I.I.T.A. (International Institute of Tropical Agriculture) of Ibadan (Nigeria), on “Exploration, collecting and characterisation of a germplasm collection of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp.) from Mediterranean” Since 1990 he is Researcher at the ‘Plant Genetics Institute’ of CNR in Bari where, in 2001, he became Senior Scientist He has been member of the Scientific Council of the former ‘Istituto del Germoplasma’ Since 2002 he belongs to the new ‘Register of Experts of Ministry of Public Education, University and Research’ to evaluate private projects presented to get public financing Since 01/01/2011 he is the head of the CNR’s work order (‘commessa’ in Italian) ’Biodiversity for the sustainability of Mediterranean agricultural systems’ In 2011 he becomes the curator of the CNR’s Gene Bank sited in Bari. Since March 2012 he is in the ECP/GR the Italian representative in the working group ’Solanaceae’ Since October 2013 he is deputy of the director of IBBR
Present Position Senior Scientist at IBBR-CNR of Bari
Work Experiences Before his engagement as researcher: one year as pioneer during one’s military service (1985-86); various field works as member of a labour co-operative; organizer of linguistic and informatic courses on behalf of a private society; temporary teacher (mathematics and natural sciences) in three middle schools.
Tutorial and Teaching Activities As tutorial activity he has been responsible of a Research Doctorate, a Degree Thesis and 6 scholarships. As teaching activity he has given 5 external courses of lessons, and 8 seminars both in Italy and abroad.
Fields of interest Safeguarding of Plant Genetic Resources, Plant Genetics, Applied Statistics
Research Activities Plant collector during ca. 50 exploration and collecting missions carried out in Italy and abroad (South Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Albania, France, Greece) with more than 5.000 accessions gathered. Characterisation and evaluation of several germplasm collections (e.g. Triticum spp., Vigna spp., Phaseolus spp., Aegilops spp., Lens spp., Capsicum spp.) using agronomical, morphological and biochemical traits. Since 2003 person in charge of an experimental field where several scientific trials, together with the periodical multiplication activity, are usually carried out. Statistical analysis (mainly with the SAS® software) of characterisation data using both uni and multivariate analytical methods, some of which new (see Laghetti G., Pignone, D. and Sonnante G., 2008). Taxonomic and ecogeographical studies to find out the centre of origin and the wild ancestors of some important crops (e.g. cowpea, emmer, spelt). Assessment of genetic, phenetic and geographic variability of several Mediterranean crops. Experience in obtainment of EU quality marks (e.g. IGP, DOP) for local products (e.g. ‘Fagioli di Sarconi’, ‘Melanzana di Rotonda’) and two plant patents (i.e. ‘Farvento’ and ‘Triventina’). Since 2002 he is member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution. Since 2012 he is peer-reviewer for the ’Dove Medical Press journals’ in the fields of ’Botanics: Targets and therapy’ and ’Research and Reports in Biodiversity Studies’. At present he is referee of Euphytica, Biodiversity and Conservation, International Journal of Biodiversity and Conservation, Australian Journal of Agricultural Research, Australian Journal of Crop Science, Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine, Plant Genetic Resources Newsletter (FAO - BIOVERSITY), African Journal of Agricultural Research, African Journal of Pure and Applied Chemistry, African Journal of Biotechnology, African Journal of Microbiology Research, Pharmaceutical Biology, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, Journal of Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology, Journal of Languages and Culture. He is author of ca. 200 papers mainly on International Journals and editor and/or coordinator of four books. He has been the scientific responsible of 6 internal CNR projects and 7 external projects, and collaborator in 21 other projects.
Pubblications Selections of 10 papers published in the last 5 years: Hammer K, Gladis Th, Laghetti G. and Pignone D., 2013. Cichorium intybus L. as a root vegetable in Italy and remarks on the infraspecific classification of the cultivated races of this species. International Journal of AgriScience, Vol. 3(12):927-938. Laghetti G, Ghiglione G, Miceli F, Cifarelli S, Pignone D, Hammer K, 2011. Collecting crop genetic resources in two Italian linguistic (Occitan and Ladin) islands and west Liguria with historical and ethnobotanical notes. International Journal of Biodiversity and Conservation, Vol. 3(12). Laghetti G., Pignone D., De Lisi A., Cifarelli S., Faslia N. & Hammer K., 2011. Collecting crop genetic resources in Italian towns of Albanian origin across the Molise, Calabria and Sicily regions. Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution. 58: 139-152. Laghetti G., 2009. Microevolution of Scolymus hispanicus L. (Compositae) in south Italy: from gathering of wild plants to some attempts of cultivation. In: Agrobiodiversity and Genetic Erosion, Contributions in Honor of Prof. Dr. Karl Hammer. Andreas Buekert and Jens Gebauer (Editors). Supplement No. 92 to the Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development in the Tropics and Subtropics, Kassel University press GmbH., pp. 119-126. Laghetti G., Fiorentino G., Hammer K. and Pignone D. 2009. On the trail of the last autochthonous Italian einkorn (Triticum monococcum L.) and emmer (Triticum dicoccon Schrank) populations: a mission impossible? Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution, 56:1163-1170. Laghetti, G., Cifarelli, S. and Hammer, K., 2008. Exploration and collecting expeditions on Montecristo, Gorgona and Giannutri islands (Italy). Plant Genetic Resources Newsletter, 153:61-66. Laghetti G., Pignone, D. and Sonnante G., 2008. Statistical approaches to analyse genebank data using a lentil germplasm collection as a case study. Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol. 73(3):175-181. Laghetti G., Piergiovanni A.R., Sonnante G., Lioi L. and Pignone D., 2008. The Italian lentil genetic resources: a worthy basic tool for breeders. The European Journal of Plant Science and Biotechnology, 2(1): 48-59. Laghetti G., Accogli R. and Hammer K., 2008. Different cucumber melon (Cucumis melo L.) races cultivated in Salento (Italy). Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution, 55:619-623. Hammer K, Laghetti G and Pignone D (eds.), 2011. Linguistic Islands and Plant Genetic Resources - The Case of the Arbëreshë. ARACNE, Rome, ISBN 978-88-548-3958-8

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