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Francesca Bagnoli

Role: Researcher
Section: Researchers and Technologists
Division: Florence
Tel: (39) 055-522-5721


Present: researcher at CNR IBBR Firenze, Italy since October 2014


  • researcher at CNR IPSP Firenze, Italy November 2011- September 2014
  • 2002 - Ph.D. in Agricultural and Forest Genetics at the University of Florence, discussing a thesis: “Isolation and molecular characterization of genes coding antioxidant enzymes in trees: Prunus persica and Pinus pinea”

Professional experience

2006-2011 - Postdoc research contract on "Genetic improvement of cypress for resistance to Seiridium cardinale" at the Institute of Plant Protection of CNR, Firenze.

2002-2004 - Postdoc research contract on "Functional genomics in plants of agricultural interest" at the Department of Agricultural Biotechnology of the University of Florence.

2001 - Award of CNR Project Agency 2000 - cod. CNRG000AA1 entitled " Abiotic stress defence mechanisms: isolation and molecular characterization of genes coding for enzymes catalase and superoxidedismutase in Pinus pinea"

1996-1998 - Coordinated and continued collaboration on the project of the European Community PL No. 1496-45 entitled "Development, validation and application of molecular, morphological and physiological markers for juvenile and mature state characterization in woody plant species".

1996 - Collaboration on the project "Plant Biotechnology" Area 8- supported by MRAAF (Italian Agricultural and Forestry Ministry) ; Unit No. 3 (M.L. Racchi) Institute of Forestry University of Florence. Project: "Morphogenesis and development in woody plants: molecular approaches to phase change".

1994-1995 - A two year fellowship on "Valuation of south American maize populations for the tolerance to abiotic stress with particular attention to UV radiation", at the Overseas Agronomic Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Florence.

Main research areas

  • population genetics of forest trees
  • conservation genetics of forest trees
  • phylogeography of forest tree
  • identification and characterisation of molecular markers in forest trees (SSRs, SNPs)
  • use of molecular markers in forest genetics and breeding
  • molecular basis of adaptation
  • study of genetics of forest woody species through the application of the main methods of Bayesian statistics

Partecipation in Projects

2020-2025 EU Project H2020 Forgenius “Improving access to FORest GENetic resources Information and services for end-USers”. Project leader: Dr. Ivan Scotti, INRAE Avignon (France).

2019-2021- Servizi di assistenza tecnica in ambito forestale per la definizione di criteri e linee guida nella gestione dei querceti lombardi - progetto LIFE IP GESTIRE- AZIONE A.18 e C.14

2018- 2021- Progetto “L’ultima foresta incantata” - Fondazione con il Sud

2019-2020- Progetto Bilaterale Italia-Montenegro “Adaptive capacity of Fagus sylvatica along altitudinal transects in the Appenine and the Balkans”.

2018-2022- EU project H2020 B4EST “Adaptive BREEDING for productive, sustainable and resilient FORESTs under climate change”. Project leader: Dr. Catherine Bastien - Amélioration, Génétique et Physiologie Forestières (AGPF), Inra, Orleans (protocollo CNR/IBBR n. 0000100 09/01/2018)

2017-2018- Progetto Bilaterale Italia-Montenegro “Adaptive responses to drought in Pinus heldreichii along altitudinal transects in the Apennines and the Balkans”.

2016-2020- EU project H2020 GenTree “Optimising the management and sustainable use of forest genetic resources in Europe”. Project leader Dr. Bruno Fady - Ecologie des Forêts Méditerranéennes (URFM), Inra, Avignon. (protocollo CNR/IBBR n. 0006139 07/07/2016).

2015-2018- Progetto WOODIV “Origin and congruence of taxonomic, phylogenetic, functional and paleoecological diversity patterns: the model of European-Mediterranean woody plant biodiversity”.

2015-2016- Progetto Bilaterale Italia-Montenegro “Tree fragmented populations from refugial areas: the anfiadriatic connection”.

2013-2016- Progetto relativo al bando “Invito a presentare progetti di ricerca fondamentale o di base annualità 2012” della Regione Sardegna e dal titolo “Tortrix viridana & Quercus: indagini genetiche sull’associazione lepidottero-querce in Sardegna”.

2012-2017- EU project WATBIO “Development of improved perennial non-food biomass and bioproduct crops for water stressed environments”

2012-2016- COST Action “Strengthening conservation: a key issue for adaptation of marginal/peripheral populations (MaP-FGR) of forest tree to climate change in Europe”

2011-2013- EU project EuroVOL-MOMEVIP “Molecular and metabolic bases of volatile isoprenoid-induced resistance to stresses”.

2010- PRIN 2008: “Analisi di SNPs in geni candidati associati alla tolleranza allo stress idrico in popolazioni di conifere mediterranee” U.O. nell’ambito del progetto “Adattamento a cambiamenti climatici in specie forestali mediterranee: un approccio di genomica di popolazioni” (protocollo 2008HTEJY8).

2007-2009- Progetto ‘Monitoraggio dello stato sanitario e della variabilità genetica di popolamenti di sughera situati nelle aree protette (A.N.P.I.L.) comune di San Giuliano Terme (PI).

1997-2000- E.U. Fair 96-1445 “Development, validation and application of molecular, morphological and physiological markers for juvenile and mature state characterization in woody plant species”.

1996- Progetto MRAAF “Biotecnologie vegetali” Area 8-Biologia dello sviluppo; Unità Operativa n°3 Istituto di Selvicoltura Università degli Studi di Firenze. Programma: Morfogenesi e differenziamento in specie arboree: approcci molecolari allo studio del “phase change” (cambiamento di fase giovanile/adulta) per la propagazione di genotipi superiori.


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