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Benedetta Margiotta

Role: Senior Researcher
Section: Researchers and Technologists
Division: Bari
Tel: (39) 0805583400-219

CNR Institute of Biosciences and Bioresources, Via Amendola 165/A, 70126, Bari

Present Position
•Senior researcher

Education and training
•Senior researcher at the CNR- IBBR (former Institute of Plant Genetics), Bari, Italy (2001)
•Researcher at the Germplasm Institute, CNR-IdG, Bari, Italy (1986);
•Professional qualification in Biology (1984);
•Training in Biology (physiology seed germination, seed ageing) at the Germplasm Institute,
CNR-IdG, Bari (1982-1986);
•University Degree in Biology (University of Bari).

Work Experiences (from 2020 back to 1986)
•Scientific leader of research unit in 27 national and international projects sponsored by private/public Institutions and collaborator in 12 national research projects
•Scientific leader of joint projects: CNR-CSIRO Australia, CNR-CAS China
•Invited speaker and chairman at national and international meetings.
•Reviewer for 20 scientific journals.
•Reviewer of research projects on behalf of the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) and of Higher Formation projects for the Regional Agency for Technology and Innovation of Puglia (ARTI), Italy.
•Supervisor of graduate student, PhD students, Post Doc, foreigner visitors.
•Tutor and scientific leader of training fellowships granted by National and International Institutions.
•Teaching activity at University of Basilicata, Faculty of Science (2008-2009).
•Visiting scientist at CSIRO Plant Industry GQRL in Canberra and Sydney and Tamworth Agricultural Institute, Calala Lane, Australia (2000; 2002).
•Delegate on behalf of the CNR Bari Research Area at the Assindustria of Bari and Foggia.
•Member and Secretary of the Scientific Board of CNR Germplasm Institute, CNR-IdG, Bari (1997-
•Member of Scientific Societies and of scientific board of National and International Congress.
•Member on behalf of the CNR IBBR in the ECPGR European Evaluation Network (EVA) for Wheat and Barley Genetic Resources (2018-2020).

Research Projects (from 2020 back to 2006)
•leader of the Cereal Section in the project “Recupero, caratterizzazione, salvaguardia e valorizzazione di leguminose e cereali da granella e foraggio in Puglia”- SaVeGraINPuglia - Programmi di Sviluppo Rurale, P.S.R. Puglia 2014-2020, Misura 10, Art. 28 Reg. UE n. 1305/2013 Sottomisura 10.2. (2016-2018).
•leader of the Cereal Section in the project “Recupero, caratterizzazione, salvaguardia e valorizzazione di leguminose e cereali da granella e foraggio in Puglia”- SaVeGraINPuglia - Programma sviluppo rurale 2007-2013 Reg. CE 1698/2005 asse II Misura 214, Azione 4, sub azione a) Progetti integrati per la Biodiversità (2013-2015).
•leader of the research unit within the project “Sviluppo di un modello per l’innovazione e la sostenibilità della filiera del frumento duro biologico della Capitanata”, GRANOBIO (OIGA DM 18829/7818, D.M. 1871) (2011-2012).
•leader of the research unit within the project, Public-private laboratory of “GENomica per caratteri di importanza AGROnomica in frumento duro: identificazione di geni utili, analisi funzionale e selezione assistita con marcatori molecolari per lo sviluppo della filiera sementiera nazionale” AGROGEN - Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) DM 18092 (2007-2010).
•leader of the joint research projects, CNR-IBBR (former CNR-IGV-Bari) and CSIRO Plant Industry (Canberra, Au) (2006).

Author/co-author of about 150 short papers, extended abstracts peer-reviewed and published in the conference proceedings, full papers published on International Journal with IF, four book chapters, editor of two books.

Fields of interest

Genetic resources
•Evaluation, utilization and protection of genetic resources (wild and cultivated grass);
•genetic variation and characterization of kernel proteins (seed storage proteins and waxy proteins) in wheat and related species by biochemical, molecular, proteomic approaches;
•genetic diversity analysis in natural populations of grass family from coastal environments (coastal and inland saline vegetation).
•Relationships among composition, structure and qualitative aspects of kernel proteins;
•Qualitative/quantitative evaluation of technological properties of flour/semolina in bread and durum wheat;
Genetics and breeding
• variety identification, wheat genetics, genetic improvement of cultivated wheat;
• genetic relationships in Triticum and closely related genera (Poaceae family);
• analysis of segregating populations and production of wheat breeding and pre-breeding lines.

Selected paper (from 2020 back to 2006)
•Margiotta B., Colaprico G., Urbano M., Veronico G., Tommasi F. and Tomaselli V. (2020) Halophile wheatgrass Thinopyrum elongatum (Host) D.R. Dewey (Poaceae) in three Apulian coastal wetlands: vegetation survey and genetic diversity. Plant Biosystems, 1-15.
•Camerlengo F., Sestili F., Silvestri M., Colaprico G., Margiotta B., Ruggeri R., Lupi R., Masci S., Lafiandra D.(2017) Production and molecular characterization of bread wheat lines with reduced amount of α-type gliadins. BMC Plant Biol 17: 248-258.
•Mangini, G., Nigro, D., Margiotta, B., De Vita, P., Gadaleta, A., Simeone, R., Blanco, A. (2018) Exploring SNP Diversity in Wheat Landraces Germ plasm and Setting of a Molecular Barcode for Fingerprinting. Cereal Res. Commun., 46, 3: 377-387.
•Feng Bo, sestili F., Masci S., Margiotta B., Xu Zhibin, Yang Zujun, Xiang Chao, Zhou Chunhong, Lafiandra D., Wang Tao (2016) The Chinese bread wheat cultivar Xiaoyanmai 7 harbours genes encoding a pair of novel high molecular weight glutenin subunits inherited from cereal rye. Crop & Pasture Science 67: 29-36.
•Sissons M., Pleming D., Margiotta B., D’Egidio M.G., D.Lafiandra (2014) Effect of the introduction of D-genome related wheat proteins on durum wheat pasta and bread making quality. Crop and Pasture Science 65, 1: 27-37.
•Margiotta B., Colaprico G., M. Urbano (2014) Polymorphism of high M r glutenin subunits in wild emmer Triticum turgidum subsp. dicoccoides: chromatographic, electrophoretic separations and PCR analysis of their encoding genes. Genet. Resour. Crop. Evol., 61:331-343.
•Margiotta B., Colaprico G., Urbano M., Tomaselli V. (2013) 22nd European Vegetation Survey - International Workshop, (2013), April 9-11, ISBN: 978-88-908391-0-8.
•Margiotta B., Colaprico G., Urbano M., Tommasi F., Tomaselli V. (2013) 2nd FIP International Conference, April 11, ISBN 978-88-908391-1-5.
•Jonnala R.S.1, MacRitchie F., Herald T.J., Lafiandra D., Margiotta B., M. Tilley (2010). Protein and Quality Characterization of Triticale Translocation Lines in Bread Making. Cereal Chem. 87, 6, 546-552.
•Muccilli V., Cunsolo V., Saletti R., Foti S., Margiotta B., Scossa F., Masci S. and D. Lafiandra. (2010). Characterisation of a specific class of typical low molecular weight glutenin subunits of durum wheat by a proteomic approach J. Cereal Sci., 51, 1, 134-139.
•Margiotta B., Urbano M., Colaprico G. and D. Lafiandra. (2009). Identification and characterization of HMW-GSs present in a Chinese bread wheat variety. In Proceedings of Xth International Gluten Workshop Clermont Ferrand, FRANCE 7th, 8th and 9th of September 2009, pp.210-212. ISBN2738012817.
•Pirozi M.R., Margiotta B., Lafiandra D. and F. MacRitchie. (2008). Composition of polymeric proteins and bread-making quality of wheat lines with allelic HMW-GS differing in number of cysteines. J. Cereal Sci. , vol. 48 (1): 117-122.
•Lafiandra D., Ceoloni C., Carozza R., Margiotta B., Urbano M., Colaprico G. and M. G. D’Egidio. (2007). Introduction Of D-Genome Related Gluten Proteins Into Durum Wheat. In: Wheat Production in Stressed Environments, published by Springer, Eds. H. T. Buck, J. E. Nisi and N. Salomón, v.12, pp.449- 454.
•Monari A. M., Simeone M. C., Urbano M., Margiotta B., Lafiandra D. (2005). Molecular characterization of new waxy mutants identified in bread and durum wheat. Theor appl. Genet.110: 1481-1489.


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