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Antonio Motisi

Section: Technicians
Division: Palermo
Tel: (39) 091-6574578

Curriculum vitae

Name: Antonio Motisi
Date and Place of Birth: January 19th, 1978 - Palermo.
Address: Institute of Biosciences and BioResources, Division of Palermo, National Research Council, Corso Calatafimi, 414, 90129 Palermo (PA), Italy.

Current position

From 2012 Level VI - Technical Collaborator E.R.


Professional qualification of nursery gardener (2003)
Degree in Agricoltural Sciences (2007): Faculty of Agriculture - University of Palermo.
Qualification to practice as a agronomist (2007).
Annual Master (2007-08) in “Teaching biology” released by FOR.COM.
Annual Master (2008-09) in “Environmental education” released by FOR.COM.

Work experience

January 2002- September 2004 activities nurseries of citrus rootstocks
February -June 2008, May-July 2009, July 2010-October 2011 research grants at the Institute of Biosciences and Bioresources (IBBR) UOS Palermo, CNR - National Research Council of Italy.

Laboratory activities

Plant tissue culture
Propagation and Conservation of the rare and endangered species
Conservation of plant genetic diversity
Genetic improvement
Propagation and acclimatization protocols
Management of germplasm bank

Participation to Research Projects

Poster: Plant biotechnology a useful tool to preserve and improve genetic resources - Abbate L., Badalamenti O.,Carra A, Catalano C., Fatta del Bosco, S.,Garfì G.,Gristina A., Motisi A., Pacifico D., Pasta S., Spinelli P., Stigliano E., Carimi F.


Selected Publications

(full list available at CNR People)

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