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Anna Tedeschi

Role: Senior Researcher
Section: Researchers and Technologists
Division: Portici
Tel: (39) 0812539585


Research Scientist at IBBR/CNR

Research Interests

  • I focused on the effect of salinity on the crop production and soil physical properties, I studied how to control the soil moisture and salinity to keep the plant in optimal conditions to achieve good yield while using less water. This included studying the mechanism of plant adaptation, that the plant activates to resist under saline and drought stress. The study on the plant response in term of quality was useful to identify species where the quality of fruits could be improved as regards some quality characteristics by irrigation under saline conditions, such as with melon and tomato, that increased the sugar content and the fruits preservability with important effect from the economic point of view. Several of these topics included experiments and field studies in Spain, China and Italy.
  • In the last years, I also focused on the improvement of irrigation management in intensive agricultural systems. The need to better manage the water and save this resource promoted an a higher precision in irrigated agriculture. The main experiment used smart probes installed through the soil profile in several field points to estimate an optimal soil water content to trigger irrigation to meet exactly plant water requirement. Such an approach leads to higher water use efficiency.
  • Recently I got interested in collaboration with scientists studying the plant growth-promoting bacteria (PGPB) and the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) present in the rhizosphere that have opened a new path of research to mitigate the detrimental effect of salinity and drought stress.
  • Study of the hemp response to different stresses and environments condition for multiple production purposes. The renewed economic and scientific interest for hemp, considering the strong dependence of seed supply from abroad, has increased the need to start again with studies on the response of hemp cultivars adapted to Italian environments in view of dual agricultural purpose, i.e. fiber and seed.

Work experience:

2005-2007; 2008-2010 and 2011-2013: Visiting Scientist at CAS - CAREERI in the framework of the Cooperation /Agreement CNR / CAS Working on “Irrigation using saline water: contribution to increase productivity and yield quality of traditional crops in Chinese N.W. oases”.

2014-2016: Visiting Scientist at CAS NIEER in the framework of the Cooperation /Agreement CNR / CAS Working on: Reclamation of saline lands with halophytes in Arid Oases, Northwest China.

2015 : Project: SEGIS-Decision Support System for the Irrigation Management in Greenhouse

2018-2021 : Holistic valuation of hemp farming beyond monetary benefits.


1999-2001 post-doctorate fellowship at Department of Agronomy University of Naples. Topic: Change of the soil structure due to several causes of interference, such as irrigation system, application of saline water, erosion etc.

1996: Ph.D., Crop Science University of Naples. Dissertation: Numerical simulation of the effects of saline irrigation on the crop production

1996-1997 Fellowship funded by University of Naples for a research project at The Hydrology Institute Wallingford-Oxfordshire-UK, fellowship ended at “The Winand Staring Centre for Integrated Land, Soil and Water Research (SC-DLO)”. Topic : Improving the application of numerical simulation to evaluate the salt balance in the soil profile

1992 Master of Science in Agricultural Sciences, University of Naples. Dissertation: Hydrological and pedological study of the area at NW of Naples.

Publications :

A. Tedeschi, M. G. Volpe, F. Polimeno, F. Siano, G. Maglione, P. Di Tommasi, E. Vasca, V. Magliulo, L. Vitale, 2020.
Soil Fertilization with Urea has Little Effect on Seed Quality but Reduces Soil N2O Emissions from a Hemp Cultivation.
Agriculture, 10, 240. Doi: 10.3390/agriculture10060240

E.Lumini, J.Pan, F. Magurno, C. Huang, V. Bianciotto, X. Xue, R. Balestrini, A. Tedeschi, 2020. Native Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi Characterization from Saline Lands in Arid Oases, Northwest China . J. Fungi, 6, 80; doi:10.3390/jof6020080

Jing Pan, Fei Peng, Anna Tedeschi, Xian Xue, Tao Wang, Jie Liao, Wenjuan Zhang, Cuihua Huang, 2020. Do halophytes and glycophytes differ in their interactions with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi under salt stress? A meta-analysis, Botanical studies:

Bonfante, E. Monaco, P. Manna, R. De Mascellis, A. Basile, M. Buonanno, G. Cantilena, A., Esposito, A. Tedeschi, C. De Michele, O. Belfiore, I. Catapano, G. Ludeno, K. Salinas, A. Brook, 2019. LCIS DSS—An irrigation supporting system for water use efficiency improvement in precision agriculture: A maize case study . Agric. Systems, (

Memoli, Esposito F., De Marco A., Arena C., Vitale L., Tedeschi A., Magliulo V., Maisto G., 2017. Metal compartimentation in different biomass portions of helianthus annuus l. and sorghum bicolor l. grown in an agricultural field inside an urban fabric. Apply Soil Ecololgy, 121, 118-126.

Vitale, F. Polimeno, L. Ottaiano, G. Maglione, A. Tedeschi, M. Mori, A. De Marco, P. De Tommasi, V. Magliulo, 2017. Fertilizer type influences tomato yield and soil N2O emissions. Plant Soil Envirn., 36.3, 105-110.

A.Tedeschi; Li Zong, Cui Hua. Huang, Luca Vitale, Maria Grazia Volpe, Xian Xue, 2016. Effect of salinity on growth parameters, soil water potential and ion composition in Cucumis melo cv. Huanghemi in North-Western China. J. of Agron. and Crop Science.

A.Tedeschi; Cui Hua. Huang , Li Zong, Quan Gang You; Xian Xue, 2014.Calibration equations for Diviner 2000 capacitance measurements of volumetric soil water content in salt affected soils. Soil Research, 52, 4, 379-387.

H. Huang ; L. Zong; M. Buonanno ; X. Xue , T. Wang , A. Tedeschi, 2012. Impact of saline water irrigation on yield and quality of melon (Cucumis melo cv Huanghemi) in northwest China. Eur. J. of Agronomy, 43, 68-76

X.Wang, G. Quan,Y. Pan, R.Hu, Y. Zhang, A.Tedeschi, A. Basile, A. Comegna, A. Coppola, R. De Mascellis, 2013. Comparison of hydraulic behaviour of unvegetated and vegetation-stabilized sand dunes in arid desert ecosystems. Ecohyd., 6, 264-274, (online 2012).

Coppola, A., Basile A., Wang X., Comegna V., Tedeschi A., Mele G., Comengna A., 2011. Hydrological behavior of microbiotic crusts on sand dunes: Example from NW China comparing infiltration in crusted and crust-removed soil. Soil Tillage Res, 117, 34-43.

Basile A., Buttafuoco G., Mele G., Tedeschi A., 2011. Complementary techniques to assess physical properties of a fine soil irrigated with saline water. Environ. Earth Sci, 66, 1797-1807.

Tedeschi, A., Lavini, A., Riccardi, M., Pulvento, C., d’Andria R., 2011. Melon crops (Cucumis melo l., cv. Tendral) grown in a Mediterranean environment under saline-sodic conditions: Part I Yield and quality Agric. Water Manage., 98-1329-1338.

Tedeschi, A., Riccardi, M., Menenti M. 2011. Melon crops (Cucumis melo l., cv. Tendral) grown in a Mediterranean environment under saline-sodic conditions: Part II Growth analysis Agric. Water Manage, 98, 1339-1348

Huang C., Xue X., Wang T., De Mascellis R., Mele G., You Q., Peng F., Tedeschi A. 2010. Effects of saline water irrigation on soil properties in northwest China. Environ. Earth Sci., 63, 701-708

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