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Andrea Rubini

Role: Researcher
Section: Researchers and Technologists
Division: Perugia
Tel: (39) 075-5014863
E-mail: andrea.rubini@ibbr.cnr.it

Date of birth: 23th June 1969

(1999) PhD at University of Perugia
(1993) Degree in Biological Sciences at University of Perugia

Work experiences

(1999-2001) Postdoctoral fellowship c/o CNR, “Istituto di Ricerche sul Miglioramento Genetico delle Piante Foraggere” (IRMGPF), Perugia.

(since 2001) Researcher at CNR, IGV (IBBR from 2013), Research Division of Perugia.

Main research interest

  • Molecular taxonomy, population genetics, and biodiversity of Tuber spp.
  • Study of the life cycle and reproductive biology of Tuber spp.
  • Genomics and comparative genomics of Tuber spp. and other Pezizomycetes.
  • Molecular taxonomy, phylogenetics and biodiversity of fungi of economic and ecological importance.
  • Molecular taxonomy and phylogenetics of freshwater briozoa (plumatellidae)

Please find my pubblication list here


Selected Publications
(full list available at CNR People)

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