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The Institute foundation

The IBBR Division of Palermo was founded in 1970 as Center for Genetic Improvement of Citrus (CMGA). In 1999 it was renamed Research Institute of Citrus Genetics (IRGA). From 2001-2002 it was part of the CNR Institute of Plant Genetics (IGV) first, and since 2013 of the Institute of Biosciences and Bioresource (IBBR). The Division is deeply connected to the regional productive system, and especially with the grapevine, citrus, tomato, eggplant and olive industry, in order to promote technological innovation.

Research activities

Current research activities at the Palermo Division may be summarized as follows:

  • de novo sequencing and analysis of genomes and transcriptomes (by NGS technology) for crops and wild species, aimed at the identification of new molecular markers and genes associated to traits of interest (differential expression gene study mainly related to abiotic and biotic stress);
  • isolation and evaluation of potential Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) in crop species;
  • genetic breeding by traditional and biotechnological approaches;
  • molecular analysis of programmed cell death;
  • conservation and molecular characterization plant genetic diversity using the most common molecular markers and recovery of rare species;
  • development and use of opotogenetic sensors for in vivo metabolite quantification;
  • tissue culture for sanitation from virus and bacteria through somatic embryogenesis;
  • pathogen diagnosis of crops and wild species by traditional and innovative methodologies;
  • studies of plant-endophyte interactions, isolation and characterization of beneficial microorganisms from plant tissues;
  • analysis of the health status of crops and wild species and development of innovative methods for the phytosanitary diagnosis;
  • development of new Citrus rootstocks, varieties and genotypes for agricultural and ornamental purposes;
  • molecular analysis of plant response to heavy metals;
  • role of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (ROS and RNS) in biotic and abiotic stress;
  • management of germplasm banks for grapevine, olive and Citrus spp;
  • Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE) evaluation on crops;
  • sex determination study on asparagus genus;
  • role of volatile organic compounds in plant susceptibility or tolerance to pests;
  • development of semiochemicals for insect management;
  • development of a monitoring system and a renewable energy system for the aquaponic plants;
  • development of a network of agro-meteorological stations to study tropical fruit cultivation in Sicily;
  • molecular ecology studies of marine organisms.

(last updated: Jun 9, 2021)

CNR buildings in Palermo

CNR buildings in Palermo

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