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Maria Cammareri

Role: Researcher
Section: Researchers and Technologists
Division: Portici
Tel: (39) 081-2539490
E-mail: maria.cammareri@ibbr.cnr.it


2008-present: Permanent position as Researcher at the National Research Council, Institute of Biosciences and Bioresources, Research Division: Portici (NA), Italy

Education, Training and visits to other Institutions

2013: Visiting Scientist at Instituto de Biologia Molecular y Celular de Plantas (CSIC-UPV), Valencia

2004: Ph.D. in Plant Biotechnology, University of Naples Federico II, Italy

2005:Stage on Bioinformatic applications for DNA Sequence Analysis at CRIBI Biotechnology Center, Padova University

2004: Stage on Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization (FISH) at Laboratory of Genetics, Wageningen University

1999: Master in Plant Biotechnology, University of Naples Federico II, Italy

1996: B.S. in Agricultural Sciences, University of Naples-Federico II, Italy

Teaching activities

Supervisor for first degree thesis and PhD dissertations in plant genetics and biotechnology

Seminars for students and PhD students in the School of Plant Biotechnology and Agricultural Sciences at the Univ. of Naples Federico II, Italy

Research Area

My research activity is currently focused on the following topics:

• Development, characterization and use of new mapped genetic resources in tomato

  • Genomic approaches to identify regulatory networks underlying tomato fruit quality during ripening and post-harvest
  • Identification and functional characterization of key genes involved in nutritional and merceological quality in pepper
  • Metabolic engneering of secondary metabolite pathways for the production of health-related compounds

Current Research Projects

  • MEF-CNR - Conoscenze Integrate per la Sostenibilità e l’Innovazione del made in Italy Agroalimentare (CISIA)
  • MiUR PON02-00395_3082360 “Potenziamento della filiera pomodoro attraverso applicazioni integrate di post-genomica (GenoPOMpro) (2012-2015)

• MiUR PON02_00395_3215002 “Valorizzazione di produzioni ortive campane di eccellenza con strumenti di genomica avanzata (GenHORT) (2012-2015)

• Regione Campania L.R. n. 5/2002 Annualità 2008 “Studio in Matricaria recutita del pathway metabolico dell’apigenina: composto ad attività antinfiammatoria da impiegare nella cura delle malattie reumatiche croniche” (2014-2015)

Selected Publications

Alseekh S, Ofner I, Pleban T, Tripodi P, Di Dato F, Cammareri M, Mohammad A, Grandillo S, Fernie AR, Zamir D (2013) Resolution by recombination: breaking up Solanum pennellii introgressions. Trends in Plant Science 8(10):536-8

Piombino P, Sinesio F, Moneta E, Cammareri M, Genovese A, Lisanti MT, Mogno MR, Peparaio M, Termolino P, Moio L, Grandillo S (2013) Investigating physicochemical, volatile and sensory parameters playing a positive or a negative role on tomato liking. Food Research International 50(1): 409-419

Pecchia P, Cammareri M, Malafronte N, Consiglio MF, Gualtieri MJ, Conicella C (2011) Quinic Acids from Aster caucasicus and from Transgenic Callus Expressing a β-Amyrin Synthase. Natural Product Communications 6: 1665-1669

Sinesio F, Cammareri M, Moneta E, Navez B, Peparaio M, Causse M, Grandillo S (2010) Sensory Quality of Fresh French and Dutch Market Tomatoes: a Preference Mapping Study with Italian Consumers. J Food Sci 75(1): S55-S67

Confalonieri M, Cammareri M, Biazzi E, Pecchia P, Fevereiro MPS, Balestrazzi A, Tava A, Conicella C (2009) Enhanced triterpene saponin biosynthesis and root nodulation in transgenic barrel medic (Medicago truncatula Gaertn.) expressing a novel amyrin synthase (AsOXA1) gene. Plant Biotechnology Journal, 7:172-182

Cammareri M, Consiglio MF, Pecchia P, Corea G, Lanzotti V, Ibeas JI, Tava A, Conicella C (2008) Molecular characterization of b-amyrin synthase from Aster sedifolius L. and triterpenoid saponin analysis. Plant Science 175 (3): 255-261

Cammareri M, Tiseo MS, Errico A, Conicella C (2006) Occurrence of pollen tetrads in Aster foliaceus Lindl. (Asteraceae). J Genet & Breed 59: 165-167

Errico A, Cammareri M, Conicella C (2005) Meiotic nuclear restitution mechanisms in a triploid Lily. Caryologia 58 (4): 367-373

Cammareri M, Errico A, Sebastiano A, Conicella C (2004) Genetic relationships among Aster species by multivariate analysis and AFLP markers. Hereditas 140: 193-200

Corea G, Iorizzi M, Lanzotti V, Cammareri M, Conicella C, Laezza C, Bifulco M (2004) Astersedifolioside A-C, three new oleane-type saponins with antiproliferative activity. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 12: 4909-4915

Cammareri M, Zaccardelli M, Monti LM, Grandillo S (2004) In vitro activities of crude extracts from Lycopersicon esculentum ecotypes against phytopathogenic fungi and bacteria. J. of Plant Pathology 84 (4, Special Issue)

Conicella C, Capo A, Cammareri M, Errico A, Shamina N, Monti LM (2003) Elucidation of meiotic nuclear restitution mechanisms in potato through analysis of microtubular cytoskeleton. Euphytica 133: 107-115

Conicella C, Cremona G, Cammareri M, Errico A, Monti LM (2003) Phosphorylation dynamics in male meiosis: MPM-2 colocalizzation with microtubule cytoskeleton. Cell Biology International 27:183-184

Capo A, Cammareri M, Della Rocca F, Errico A, Zoina A, Conicella C (2002). Evaluation for chipping and tuber soft rot (Erwinia carotovora) resistance in potato clones from unilateral sexual polyploidization (2x x 4x). Amer J of Potato Res 79 (2): 139-145

Cammareri M, Errico A, Filippone E, Esposito S, Conicella C (2002) Induction of variability in chimeric Aster cordifolius “White Elegans” through somaclonal variation. Euphytica 128: 19-25

Cammareri M, Errico A, Filippone E, Conicella C (2002) Screening of Aster wild germplasm for in vitro response to regeneration. J Genet Breed 55: 279-282

Alfano F, Cammareri M, Errico A, Frusciante L, Conicella C (1999) 2n gametes in Solanum tuberosum dihaploids. Am Potato J 76: 281-285

Book chapters and reviews

Grandillo S, Chetelat R, Knapp S, Spooner D, Peralta I, Cammareri M, Perez O, Tripodi P, Termolino P, Chiusano ML, Ercolano MR, Frusciante L, Monti L, Pignone D (2011) Solanum sect. Lycopersicon. In Wild Crop Relatives: Genomic and Breeding Resources - Vegetables (C. Kole ed) Springer, The Netherlands: pp 129-215. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-20450-0_9


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