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Andrea Piotti

Role: Researcher
Section: Researchers and Technologists
Division: Florence
Tel: (39) 0521-905152
E-mail: andrea.piotti@ibbr.cnr.it

Born in Salò (BS) on 19/05/1977, resident in Noceto (PR), Via Tullio Papotti 5 CAP 43015, currently residing in Noceto (PR), Via Tullio Papotti 5 CAP 43015.

Institute of Biosciences and BioResources, National Research Council, IBBR-CNR, Via Madonna del Piano, I-50019 Sesto Fiorentino (Italy), tel 0521905152 fax: 0521905402 email: andrea.piotti@gmail.com

Web site: http://sites.google.com/site/andreapiotti/

Main research interests

  • Gene flow and dispersal in plants

  • Conservation genetics of Mediterranean forests

  • Marginal populations’ evolutionary dynamics


  • Carbognani M*, Piotti A*§, Leonardi S, Pasini L, Spanu I, Vendramin GG, Tomaselli M, Petraglia A (in press) Reproductive and genetic consequences of extreme isolation in Salix herbacea L. at the rear edge of its distribution. Annals of Botany
  • Delnevo N, Piotti A, van Etten EJ, Stock WD, Byrne M (in press) Isolation, characterization, and cross-amplification of 20 microsatellite markers for Conospermum undulatum (Proteaceae). Applications in Plant Sciences
  • Avanzi C*, Piermattei A*, Piotti A§, Buntgen U, Heer K, Opgenhoort L, Spanu I, Urbinati C, Vendramin GG, Leonardi S (2019) Disentangling the effects of spatial proximity and genetic similarity on individual growth performances in Norway spruce natural populations. Science of the Total Environment, 650:493-504 [pdf]
  • Heer K, Behringer D, Piermattei A, Bässler C, Brandl R, Fady B, Jehl H, Liepelt S, Lorch S, Piotti A, Vendramin GG, Weller M, Ziegenhagen B, Büntgen U, Opgenoorth L (2018) Linking dendroecology and association genetics in natural populations: Stress responses archived in tree rings associate with SNP genotypes in silver fir (Abies alba Mill.). Molecular Ecology, 27:1428-1438 [pdf]
  • Santini F, Andrisano T, Leonardi S, Ciaschetti G, Labriola M, Vendramin GG, Piotti A§ (2018) Tracking the provenance of silver fir plantations along the boundary between different genetic clusters in central Apennines: Implications for their management. Forest Ecology and Management, 408:220-227 [pdf][pr#1]
  • Piotti A§, Garbarino M, Avanzi C, Piovani P, Berretti R, Motta R, Leonardi S (2018) The influence of spatiotemporal dynamics on fine-scale spatial genetic structure in differently managed Picea abies stands. Forests, 9:622 [pdf]
  • Piotti A*, Leonarduzzi C*, Postolache D, Bagnoli F, Spanu I, Brousseau L, Urbinati C, Leonardi S, Vendramin GG (2017) Unexpected scenarios from Mediterranean refugial areas: disentangling complex demographic dynamics along the Apennine distribution of silver fir. Journal of Biogeography, 44:1547-1558 [pdf][abstract][figshare][winner UNASA prize][pr#1][pr#2][pr#3]
  • Ribeiro MM, Piotti A, Ricardo A, Gaspar D, Costa R, Parducci L, Vendramin GG (2017) Genetic diversity and divergence at the Arbutus unedo L. (Ericaceae) westernmost distribution limit. Plos One, 12: e0175239 [pdf][pr#1][pr#2][pr#3][pr#4]
  • Aleksic J*, Piotti A*, Geburek T, Vendramin GG (2017) Exploring and conserving a "microcosm": Whole-stand genetic characterization within a refugial area of the endemic, relict conifer Picea omorika. Conservation Genetics, 18:777-788 [pdf][abstract]
  • Beghè D*, Piotti A*, Satovic Z, de la Rosa R, Belaj A (2017) Pollen-mediated gene flow and fine-scale spatial genetic structure in Olea europaea subsp. europaea var. sylvestris. Annals of Botany, 119: 671-679 [pdf][abstract][AoB blog][pr#1][pr#2]
  • Leonarduzzi C, Piotti A§, Spanu I, Vendramin GG (2016) Effective gene flow in a historically fragmented area at the southern edge of silver fir (Abies alba Mill.) distribution. Tree Genetics & Genomes, 12: 95 [pdf][full-text view][figshare]
  • Brousseau L, Postolache D, Lascoux M, Drouzas AD, Källman T, Leonarduzzi C, Liepelt S, Piotti A, Popescu F, Roschanski AM, Zhelev P, Fady B, Vendramin GG (2016) Local adaptation in European firs assessed through extensive sampling across altitudinal gradients in southern Europe. Plos One, 11: e0158216 [pdf]
  • Leonarduzzi C, Spanu I, Labriola MC, Gonzalez-Martinez SC, Piotti A, Vendramin GG (2016) Development and characterization of three highly informative EST-SSR multiplexes for Pinus halepensis Mill. and their transferability to other Mediterranean pines. Plant Molecular Biology Reporter, 34: 993-1002 [pdf]
  • Bolpagni R, Piotti A (2016) The importance of being natural in a human-altered riverscape: Role of wetland type in supporting habitat heterogeneity and vegetation functional diversity. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems, 26: 1168-1183 [pdf]
  • Bolpagni R, Piotti A (2015) Hydro-hygrophilous vegetation diversity and distribution patterns in riverine wetlands in an agricultural landscape: a case study from the Oglio River (Po plain, Northern Italy). Phytocoenologia, 45: 69-84 [pdf]
  • Bertolasi B, Leonarduzzi C, Piotti A§, Leonardi S, Zago L, Gorian F, Gui L, Vanetti I, Binelli G (2015) A last stand in the Po valley: Genetic structure and gene flow patterns in Ulmus minor and U. pumila. Annals of Botany, 115: 683-69 [pdf][AoB blog]
  • Labriola M, Piotti A, Spanu I, Gentilesca T, Leonarduzzi C, Moretti N, Gonzalez-Martinez SC, Borghetti M, Vendramin GG (2015) Exploring adaptive responses to change in environmental conditions in Pinus halepensis Mill. In: Proceedings of the IUFRO Tree Biotechnology 2015 Conference: “Forests: the importance to the planet and society”. Eds: Vettori C, Vendramin GG, Paffetti D, Travaglini D; ID: S1.P1, pp. 198-200 [pdf]
  • Vincenzi S, Piotti A (2014) Evolution of serotiny in maritime pine (Pinus pinaster) in the light of increasing frequency of fires. Plant Ecology, 215: 689-701 (Special Issue: Extreme Climate Events). [pdf] [Paper overview @ Simone’s blog, code @ Simone’s figshare]
  • Postolache D, Leonarduzzi C, Piotti A, Spanu I, Roig A, Fady B, Roschanski A, Liepelt S, Vendramin GG (2014) Transcriptome versus genomic microsatellite markers: Highly informative multiplexes for genotyping Abies alba Mill. and congeneric species. Plant Molecular Biology Reporter, 32: 750-760 [pdf]
  • Piotti A, Leonardi S, Heuertz M, Buiteveld J, Geburek T, Gerber S, Kramer K, Vettori C, Vendramin GG (2013) Within-population genetic structure in beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) stands characterized by different disturbance histories: Does forest management simplify population substructure? Plos One, 8: e73391 [pdf][html] [highlighted on the FORGER blog]
  • Leonarduzzi C, Leonardi S, Menozzi P, Piotti A§ (2012) Towards an optimal sampling effort for paternity analysis in forest trees: what do the raw numbers tell us? iForest, 5: 18-25[pdf]
  • Leonardi S, Piovani P, Scalfi M, Piotti A, Giannini R, Menozzi P (2012) Effect of habitat fragmentation on the genetic structure of peripheral populations of beech in Central Italy. Journal of Heredity, 103: 408-417 [pdf][dryad]
  • Piotti A, Leonardi S, Buiteveld J, Geburek T, Gerber S, Kramer K, Vettori C, Vendramin GG (2012) Comparison of pollen gene flow among four European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) populations characterized by different management and evolutionary histories. Heredity, 108: 222-231 [pdf][dryad]
  • Belletti P, Ferrazzini D, Piotti A, Monteleone I, Ducci F (2012) Genetic variability and divergence in Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) within its natural range in Italy. European Journal of Forest Research, 131: 1127-1138 [pdf]
  • Bagnoli F, Fady B, Fineschi S, Oddou-Muratorio S, Piotti A, Sebastiani F, Vendramin GG (2011) Chapter 4: Neutral patterns of genetic variation and applications to conservation in conifer species. In: Plomion C, Bousquet J, Kole, C (eds.). Genetics, Genomics and Breeding of Conifers. Science Publishers, Inc., New Hampshire; Edenbridge Ltd., British Isles [web page][quick view]
  • Rossi V, Piotti A, Geiger W, Benassi G, Menozzi P (2010) Genetic structure of Austrian and Italian populations of Limnocythere inopinata (Crustacea, Ostracoda): a potential case of post-glacial parthenogenesis. Annales Zoologici Fennici, 47:133-143 [pdf]
  • Piovani P, Leonardi S, Piotti A§, Menozzi P (2010) Conservation genetics of small relic populations of Silver fir (Abies alba Mill.) in the northern Apennines. Plant Biosystems, 144: 683-691 [pdf][pr#1]
  • Piotti A, Leonardi S, Piovani P, Scalfi M, Menozzi P (2009) Spruce colonization at treeline: where do those seeds come from? Heredity, 103: 136-145 [pdf] [commented by CG Williams on her blog]
  • Scalfi M, Piotti A, Rossi M, Piovani P (2009) Genetic variability of Italian southern Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) populations: the rear edge of the range. European Journal of Forest Research, 128: 377-386 [pdf]
  • Piotti A (2009) The genetic consequences of habitat fragmentation: the case of forests. iForest, 2: 75-76 [pdf]
  • Rossi V, Piotti A, Baltanas A, Benassi G, Menozzi P (2008) Genetic diversity and mixed reproduction in Eucypris virens (Crustacea: Ostracoda). Fundamental and Applied Limnology 172: 147-159 [pdf]
  • Castracani C, Piotti A, Grasso DA, LeMoli F, Mori A (2007) Ant fauna as ecological indicator in parmesan agro-ecosystem. Redia 40: 67-70 [pdf]
  • Visicchio R, Castracani C, Piotti A, Mori A, Le Moli F (2007) The relationship among morphological traits, sexual behaviour and male mating success in the slave-making ant Polyergus rufescens. Sociobiology 50: 285-301 [abstract]
  • Rossi V, Benassi G, Leonardi S, Piotti A, Menozzi P (2006) Geographic patterns of clonal diversity in Heterocypris incongruens (Crustacea: Ostracoda) in Northern Italy ricefields. Archiv für Hydrobiologie, 166: 225-240 [pdf]
  • Piotti A, Piovani P, Scalfi M, Leonardi S, Menozzi P (2005) Genetics of colonization in a treeline ecotone in the Alps. Pag. 203-204 in The role of biotechnology for the characterisation and conservation of crop, forestry, animal and fishery genetic resources [pdf]
  • Scalfi M, Piovani P, Piotti A, Leonardi S, Menozzi P (2005) Effect of habitat fragmentation on genetic structure of beech population of central Italy. Pag. 211-212 in The role of biotechnology for the characterisation and conservation of crop, forestry, animal and fishery genetic resources [pdf]

Submitted or in preparation

  • Martínez-Sancho E et al. (-) The GenTree Dendroecological Collection: tree-ring and wood density data from seven tree species across Europe. Submitted
  • Ruiz Daniels R, Taylor R, Gonzalez-Martinez SC, Vendramin GG, Fady B, Oddou-Muratorio S, Piotti A, Simioni G, Grivet D, Beaumont M (-) Looking for local adaptation: Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis), a widely and patchily distributed forest tree of the Mediterranean Basin. Submitted
  • Mataruga M, Piotti A, Daničić V, Cvjetković B, Fussi B, Konnert M, Vendramin GG, Aleksić JM (-) Towards the dynamic conservation of Serbian spruce Picea omorika). Submitted
  • Piermattei A, von Arx G, Avanzi C, Fonti P, Gärtner H, Piotti A, Urbinati C, Vendramin GG, Büntgen U, Crivellaro A (-) Inter-annual and inter-individual wood anatomical trait variation in Picea abies. Submitted
  • Avanzi C, Keer K, Büntgen U, Labriola M, Leonardi S, Opgenoorth L, Piermattei A, Urbinati C, Vendramin GG, Piotti A (-) Individual reproductive success in Norway spruce natural populations depends on growth rate, age and sensitivity to temperature. Submitted
  • Labriola M, Piotti A, Spanu I, Gentilesca T, Moretti N, Borghetti M, Vendramin GG. Effective gene flow in Pinus halepensis Mill. In preparation

Network of co-authors


Our lab in Florence: Beppe Vendramin, Ilaria Spanu, Mariaceleste Labriola, Francesca Bagnoli, Camilla Avanzi


Marco Carrer (Univ Padua) - Deciphering the role of climate and past demographic history on trees’ growth dynamics

Katrin Heer & Lars Opgenoorth (Philipps-University Marburg) - Dendrogenomic responses along Abies alba and Picea abies altitudinal transects

Nicola Delnevo (Univ Western Australia) - Consequences of habitat fragmentation on gene flow patterns in Conospermum undulatum

Alessandro Petraglia & Michele Carbognani (Univ Parma) - Genetic consequences of peripherality in Salix herbacea Apennine populations

Sylvie Oddou-Muratorio (INRA Avignon) - Detection of selection across generations in Abies alba, Fagus sylvatica and Picea abies

Stefano Leonardi (Univ Parma) - Fagus sylvatica long-term bud-burst phenology and its determinants, modelling individual-tree growth dynamics

Jelena Aleksic (Univ Belgrade) - Conservation genetics of Picea omorika remnants

Carlo Urbinati (Univ Politecnica Marche) - Genetic consequences of fragmentation in Apennine silver fir remnants

Matteo Garbarino (Univ Turin) - Temporal development of SGS in forest trees

Maria Margarida Ribeiro (Polytechnic Inst Castelo Branco) - Genetic characteristics of peripheral Arbutus unedo populations

Alma Piermattei (Univ Cambridge) - A dendrogenomic approach to explore variation in Norway spruce wood anatomy

Marco Borghetti, Tiziana Gentilesca & Francesco Ripullone (Univ Basilicata) - The genomic basis of resistence to drought in Pinus and Quercus spp.

Education & Research

November 2017- ongoing: Researcher, Institute of Biosciences and BioResources, National Research Council, IBBR-CNR;

May 2012 - October 2017: Temporary Research Associate, Institute of Biosciences and BioResources, National Research Council, IBBR-CNR, Florence (Advisor: Dott. GG Vendramin);

November 2010 - November 2011: Temporary Research Associate, Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Parma (Advisor: Dott. Stefano Leonardi);

July 2010 - September 2010: Research fellowship, Department of Exploitation and Protection of the Agricultural and Forestry Resources (DI.VA.P.R.A.), University of Turin (Advisor: Dott. Piero Belletti);

June 2009 - November 2009: Research fellowship, Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Parma (Advisor: Dott. Stefano Leonardi);

July 2009: Research fellowship, Department of Biology, University of Ferrara (Dott. Renato Gerdol);

April 2007 - April 2009: Postdoctoral fellowship, Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Parma, (Advisors: Prof. Paolo Menozzi, Dott. Stefano Leonardi);

December 2003 - December 2006: PhD in Ecology, Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Parma, (Advisor: Prof. Paolo Menozzi). Dissertation on “The study of gene flow in Norway spruce (Picea abies, Karst.): genetic aspects of colonization above the treeline ”;

October 2003 - December 2003: Research fellowship, Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Parma, (Advisor: Prof. Paolo Menozzi) “Genetic data analysis in Fagus sylvatica”;

July 2003 - September 2003: Research stage concerning genetic and eco-physiological data analysis, Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Parma, (Advisor: Dott. Stefano Leonardi);

July 2003: B.S. in Biological Sciences. Dissertation on “Sexual selection in the slave-making ant Polyergus rufescens: morphometry and male reproductive success” (Advisor: Prof. Alessandra Mori);

Full CV available here


Selected Publications
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