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MGD Accession #1106

Passport Data

2 ACCENUMB 1106 Unambiguous identification number for the accession
- accecode MGD0001106 Accession unique label
- taxon_id 4571  Species code at the NCBI Taxonomy (Bio-sequence data)
- family Poaceae Latin name of the family
- binomial Triticum turgidum Full latin name of the species
5 GENUS Triticum Genus latin name
6 SPECIES turgidum Species latin name
7 SPAUTHOR L. Standard abbreviation of the author who described the species
8 SUBTAXA Subsp. Durum Any additional taxonomic identification (subsp., convar., var., f., spp.)
9 SUBTAUTHOR Desf.) Van Slageren Standard abbreviation of the author who described the subtaxon
- subsp - Subspecies name (old notation)
10 CROPNAME Wheat Commom crop name (former cultivar localname)
11 ACCENAME Noris Official accession name recorded
- origin Israel Country of origin of the material
13 ORIGCTY ISR ISO code of the original country where the accession was collected
3 COLLNUMB PI 168693 Original number assigned to the accession by the collector
4 COLLCODE - FAO code of the institution that collected the sample
14 COLLSITE Ancient Palestine Locality of the sampling site
18 COLLDATE - Collection date
15 LATITUDE - Latitude of the sampling site (decimal)
16 LONGITUDE - Longitude of the sampling site (decimal)
17 ELEVATION - Elevation of the sampling site (m a.s.l.)
22 COLLSRC - Source of the material
- aspect - Magnetic declination (in degrees from N) of the slope (if any) at the collection site taken with a magnetic compass
- slope - Slope (%) at the collection site
- exped - Label of the expedition that collected the sample
- team - Label of the sampling team
- landform - Description of the surrounding landscape at the collection site
- site - Description of the collection site
- texture - Soil texture at the collection site
- stoniness - Stoniness of the collection site
- depth - Soil depth at the collection site
- drainage - Drainage at the collection site
12 ACQDATE 1971-01-01 Acquisition date
19 BREDCODE - FAO code of the institute that create the accession
20 SAMPSTAT - Accession biological state
21 ANCEST - Pedigree
23 DONORCODE USA138, USDA, Agricultural Research Center, Beltsville, United States FAO code of the donor institute
24 DONORNUMB - Accession number assigned by the donor
25 OTHERNUMB - Other identification numbers assigned to the accession
26 DUPLSITE - FAO code of the institute keeping a security duplicate
27 STORAGE - Conservation type of the germplam
29 COLLDESCR - Decodified name of the institute collecting the accession
30 BREDDESCR - Name (decodified) of the institute that produced the accession
31 DONORDESCR - Name (decodified) of the donor Institute (abbreviated name and location)
32 DUPLDESCR - Name of the institute where a safety duplicate is kept (abbreviated name and location)
34 MLSSTAT 0 Inclusion in the multilateral system (0: no; 1; yes)
35 AEGISSTAT 0 Inclusion in the European Integrated Genetic Bank System (AEGIS - 0: no; 1: yes)
28 REMARKS - General remarks on the accessions
36 GIBA1 - Local vernacular name
37 GIBA2 - Local name of the landrace
38 GIBA3 - Name of the person who collected/prepared the material
39 GIBA4 1 Availability of the material (0: no; 1: yes)
- historic 0 Historical accession record (0: no; 1: yes)
Accession #1106 - Triticum turgidum
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