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Germplasm Requests

The Mediterranean Germplasm Database (MGD) provide germplasm exclusively as a support to research and education projects. The accessions listed in the MGD are available in small quantities for research, breeding, and education purposes.

Due to the intensive effort and resources required to ensure availability of germplasm, we are unable to distribute it for home gardening or other purposes that can utilize readily available commercial cultivars.

Ordering Instructions

Please select one of the following options:

  1. Search for the accession you want ("Collection Search") and check its availability. Add the desired accession to your cart using the commands available in the search form. A maximum of 20 different accessions can be selected. When done, open your cart and click on the command "Request form"; or
  2. Fill out the Request Form by clicking on the command below, insert the accession list in the appropriated box ("Items to Order"), one item per line. Please indicate the accession code (ACCENUMB) for each item, preceded by the characters ’ID#’ (e.g., ID#102788). You are kindly invited to include all of your items in just one order.

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