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Summary of the main statistics related to the MG Seed Bank. Values reported in the tables are real-time counts of the listed variables. Click on the buttons on the left to display the different summaries. A graphical summary by pie-charts and diagrams reporting the main subdivision/statistical distributions is also available.

Records: 144

Accessions Donor List
Code Donor ID Donor name No Accessions
Code:   ITA436 Donor ID:  1 Donor name:  Institute of Biosciences and Bioresources, Bari, Italy No Accessions:  11630
Code:   ITA055 Donor ID:  2 Donor name:  Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Roma, Italy No Accessions:  3914
Code:   SEN108 Donor ID:  3 Donor name:  International Crops Research Institute For The Semi Arid And Tropics, Andrha Pradesh, India No Accessions:  36
Code:   SWE002 Donor ID:  4 Donor name:  Nordic Gene Bank, Landskrona, Sweden No Accessions:  1208
Code:   NLD078 Donor ID:  5 Donor name:  Foundation For Agricultural Plant Breeding, Wageningen, Netherlands No Accessions:  190
Code:   CYP005 Donor ID:  6 Donor name:  Agricultural Research Institute, Nicosia, Cyprus No Accessions:  298
Code:   USA234 Donor ID:  7 Donor name:  University of Idaho, Moscow, United States No Accessions:  5
Code:   CHN024 Donor ID:  8 Donor name:  Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing, China No Accessions:  54
Code:   - Donor ID:  9 Donor name:  Nagano Vegetable and Ornamental Crops Experiment Station, Nagano, Japan No Accessions:  251
Code:   GBR088 Donor ID:  10 Donor name:  Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, Surrey TW9 3AB, United Kingdom No Accessions:  1336
Code:   - Donor ID:  11 Donor name:  Istituto di Agronomia Generale e Coltivazioni Erbacee, Università di Perugia, Perugia, Italy No Accessions:  67
Code:   BEL002 Donor ID:  12 Donor name:  Gembloux agro-biotech, Université de Liège, département des Sciences agronomiques, Phytotechnie tropicale et Horticulture, Gembloux, Belgium No Accessions:  78
Code:   ETH001 Donor ID:  13 Donor name:  Plant Genetic Resources Centre (PGRC), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia No Accessions:  16
Code:   DEU425 Donor ID:  14 Donor name:  Institut Für Pflanzenbau Und Pflanzenzüchtung-Justus-Liebig-Universitat, Giessen, Germany No Accessions:  7
Code:   - Donor ID:  15 Donor name:  The Swedish Seed Association, Svalof, Sweden No Accessions:  61
Code:   RN029 Donor ID:  16 Donor name:  Seed And Plant Improvement Institute, Karaj, Iran No Accessions:  207
Code:   ISR030 Donor ID:  17 Donor name:  Department of Horticulture, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Rehovot, Israel No Accessions:  6
Code:   - Donor ID:  18 Donor name:  Inst. Fur Pfl. Und Saat. Der For. Fur Land., Braunschweig, Germany No Accessions:  4
Code:   ETH076 Donor ID:  19 Donor name:  Debre Zeit Agricultural Research Center, Debre Zeit, Ethiopia No Accessions:  60
Code:   - Donor ID:  20 Donor name:  Department of Agricultural Botany, Reading, United Kingdom No Accessions:  19
Code:   FRA264 Donor ID:  21 Donor name:  Florimond Desprez sa, Cappelle en Pévèle, France No Accessions:  10
Code:   AUS002 Donor ID:  22 Donor name:  Western Australian Department Of Agriculture, South Perth, Australia No Accessions:  10
Code:   POL092 Donor ID:  23 Donor name:  Botanic Garden Of The Polish Academy Of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland No Accessions:  1
Code:   USA138 Donor ID:  24 Donor name:  USDA, Agricultural Research Center, Beltsville, United States No Accessions:  25049
Code:   DEU358 Donor ID:  25 Donor name:  Zentrum fur Genetik und Kulturpflanzen, Gatersleben, Germany No Accessions:  3054
Code:   - Donor ID:  26 Donor name:  Institute for Plant Production and Qualification (IPPQ), Research Centre for Agrobotany, Tapioszele, Hungary No Accessions:  91
Code:   BOL228 Donor ID:  27 Donor name:  Centro de Investigación de Agricultura Tropical, Cali, Colombia No Accessions:  55
Code:   - Donor ID:  28 Donor name:  Centro Lombardo per L’incremento Della Floro Frutticoltura, Fondazione Minoprio, Vertemate con Minoprio, Como, Italy No Accessions:  386
Code:   RUS001 Donor ID:  29 Donor name:  N.I. Vavilov Research Institute of Plant Industry, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation No Accessions:  111
Code:   - Donor ID:  30 Donor name:  Istituto Di Miglioramento Genetico E Produzione Delle Sementi, Torino, Italy No Accessions:  10
Code:   TUR075 Donor ID:  31 Donor name:  Aegean Agricultural Research Institute, Menemen Izmir, Turkey No Accessions:  11
Code:   - Donor ID:  32 Donor name:  Istituto Di Miglioramento Genetico Delle Piante Agrarie, Bari, Italy No Accessions:  429
Code:   PER773 Donor ID:  33 Donor name:  Instituto Nacional de Innovación Agraria, La Molina-Lima, Peru No Accessions:  1
Code:   GBR051 Donor ID:  34 Donor name:  Department Of Applied Biology-University Of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom No Accessions:  4
Code:   IND556 Donor ID:  35 Donor name:  National Bureau Of Plant Genetic Resources, New Delhi, India No Accessions:  3
Code:   SYR002 Donor ID:  36 Donor name:  International Centre for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas, Aleppo, Syrian Arab Republic No Accessions:  877
Code:   BEL084 Donor ID:  37 Donor name:  Musa International Transit Centre, Bioversity International, Heverlee, Belgium No Accessions:  7
Code:   ITA304 Donor ID:  38 Donor name:  Comitato Nazionale Ricerca e Sviluppo, Ente per le Nuove tecnologie, l’Energia e l’Ambiente, Roma, Italy No Accessions:  145
Code:   - Donor ID:  39 Donor name:  Laboratorium Voor Tuinbouwplantenteelt Zien. Landbouwhogeschool, Wageningen, Netherlands No Accessions:  11
Code:   FRA065 Donor ID:  40 Donor name:  Station de Génétique/Amélioration des Plantes, INRA, Versailles Cedex, France No Accessions:  72
Code:   - Donor ID:  41 Donor name:  Sveriges Utsadesforening, Uppsala, Sweden No Accessions:  18
Code:   - Donor ID:  42 Donor name:  Institute for Horticultural Plant Breeding (IVT), Wageningen, Netherlands No Accessions:  41
Code:   - Donor ID:  43 Donor name:  Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research PIK, Postdam, Germany No Accessions:  10
Code:   NLD025 Donor ID:  44 Donor name:  Private Institute Sluis and Groot B.V., Enkhuizen, Netherlands No Accessions:  33
Code:   - Donor ID:  45 Donor name:  Istituto Sperimentale Per Le Colture Foraggere, Foggia, Italy No Accessions:  991
Code:   BEL004 Donor ID:  46 Donor name:  Rijksstation Voor Plantenveredeling - Government Plant Breeding Station, Merelbeke (Lemberge), Belgium No Accessions:  1
Code:   - Donor ID:  47 Donor name:  State Plant Breeding Institute, Merelbeke, Belgium No Accessions:  1
Code:   - Donor ID:  48 Donor name:  Eidg. Forshungsantalt Fur Landw. Pflanzenbau, Zurich, Switzerland No Accessions:  1
Code:   - Donor ID:  49 Donor name:  Bayer, Freising, Germany No Accessions:  2
Code:   - Donor ID:  50 Donor name:  Vyzkumny A Slechtitelcsky Ustav Picninarsky, Troubsko, Czech Republic No Accessions:  21
Code:   ISR002 Donor ID:  51 Donor name:  Israel Gene Bank for Agricultural Crops, Agricultural Research Organisation, Volcani Center, Bet Dagan, Israel No Accessions:  4
Code:   HUN014 Donor ID:  52 Donor name:  Forage Research Institute, Pannon Agricultural University, Iregszemcse, Hungary No Accessions:  5
Code:   - Donor ID:  53 Donor name:  Istit. Nac. Invest. Agrar., Spain No Accessions:  14
Code:   - Donor ID:  54 Donor name:  Centro Di Orticoltura Industriale, Bari, Italy No Accessions:  68
Code:   - Donor ID:  55 Donor name:  Cifa (Centro De Investigación y Formación Agraria), Cordoba, Spain No Accessions:  7
Code:   - Donor ID:  56 Donor name:  Agricultural Research Center, Field Crops Research Institute (FCRI), Giza, Egypt No Accessions:  1
Code:   IND004 Donor ID:  57 Donor name:  Indian Agricultural Research Insitute, Delhi, India No Accessions:  7
Code:   ISR030 Donor ID:  58 Donor name:  Gideon Ladizinsky - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Rehovot, Israel No Accessions:  1
Code:   ISR002 Donor ID:  59 Donor name:  Israel Gene Bank For Agricultural Crops, Agricultural Research Organisation, Volcani Center, Bet Dagan, Israel No Accessions:  88
Code:   JOR033 Donor ID:  60 Donor name:  Biodiversity International, Roma, Italy No Accessions:  43
Code:   NGA039 Donor ID:  61 Donor name:  International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Ibadan, Niger No Accessions:  194
Code:   - Donor ID:  63 Donor name:  Ist. Di Agr. Gen. E Colt. Erb., Palermo, Italy No Accessions:  25
Code:   DEU426 Donor ID:  64 Donor name:  Institut fur Genetik, Universitaet Bonn, Bonn, Germany No Accessions:  21
Code:   - Donor ID:  65 Donor name:  N/A (Not Available) No Accessions:  795
Code:   - Donor ID:  66 Donor name:  Department of Agriculture, Ottawa, Canada No Accessions:  8
Code:   - Donor ID:  67 Donor name:  Grain Legume Genetics and Physiology Research, Pullman, United States No Accessions:  27
Code:   ITA010 Donor ID:  68 Donor name:  Sisforaggera, Società Italiana Sementi, Bologna, Italy No Accessions:  8
Code:   ITA216 Donor ID:  69 Donor name:  Istituto di Agronomia Generale e Coltivazioni Erbacee, Bari, Italy No Accessions:  41
Code:   ARG961 Donor ID:  70 Donor name:  Unversidad Nacional De Córdoba-Escuela Técnica Superior De Ingeniería Agronómica, Cordoba, Spain No Accessions:  1
Code:   KEN013 Donor ID:  72 Donor name:  Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Research Station - Njoro, Njoro, Kenya No Accessions:  41
Code:   ISR020 Donor ID:  73 Donor name:  Department of Plant Introduction-The Volcani Centre, Bet Degan, Israel No Accessions:  11
Code:   ITA008 Donor ID:  74 Donor name:  Istituto di Allevamento Vegetale, Università Of Perugia, Perugia, Italy No Accessions:  4
Code:   CHL018 Donor ID:  75 Donor name:  Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias, Santiago, Chile No Accessions:  25
Code:   - Donor ID:  76 Donor name:  A.R.I.C. (ICRA - International Centre For Development Oriented Research), Izmir, Turkey No Accessions:  10
Code:   - Donor ID:  77 Donor name:  Johnson University, Reading, United Kingdom No Accessions:  1007
Code:   GBR002 Donor ID:  78 Donor name:  J.R. Witcombe, School of Plant Biology, Bangor, United Kingdom No Accessions:  434
Code:   ROM019 Donor ID:  79 Donor name:  Research Institute for Vegetables and Flower Gardening Vidra-Ilfov, Ilfov, Romania No Accessions:  16
Code:   - Donor ID:  80 Donor name:  D.T. Wright Crop Res. Centre, New Zealand No Accessions:  8
Code:   - Donor ID:  82 Donor name:  Soc. Pol. Produzione Sementi, Rovigo, Italy No Accessions:  8
Code:   - Donor ID:  83 Donor name:  Bayer, São Paulo, Brazil No Accessions:  49
Code:   CHN024 Donor ID:  84 Donor name:  Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing, China No Accessions:  5
Code:   - Donor ID:  85 Donor name:  M.W. Michaelles, Firenze, Italy No Accessions:  6
Code:   - Donor ID:  86 Donor name:  M. Beloy And Cie Goestr., Saint-Denis, France No Accessions:  1
Code:   ITA213 Donor ID:  87 Donor name:  Istituto Sperimentale Agronomico, Bari, Italy No Accessions:  1
Code:   - Donor ID:  88 Donor name:  Roffi, Bologna, Italy No Accessions:  2
Code:   - Donor ID:  89 Donor name:  Federazione Italiana Consorzio Agrario, Roma, Italy No Accessions:  4
Code:   - Donor ID:  90 Donor name:  Consorzio Agrario Provinciale, Parma, Italy No Accessions:  1
Code:   - Donor ID:  91 Donor name:  Istituto Cerealicultura Frassineto Montagnano, Arezzo, Italy No Accessions:  13
Code:   - Donor ID:  92 Donor name:  Valicenti Università della Basilicata, Potenza, Italy No Accessions:  1
Code:   - Donor ID:  93 Donor name:  Funks Seed Ciba Gaeyby, Italy No Accessions:  2
Code:   ITA033 Donor ID:  94 Donor name:  Institute of Agronomy and Field Crops, University of Sassari, Sassari, Italy No Accessions:  4
Code:   - Donor ID:  95 Donor name:  Società Produttori Sementi, Bologna, Italy No Accessions:  4
Code:   - Donor ID:  96 Donor name:  Istituto Di Genetica Sperimentale Agraria Strampelli, Italy No Accessions:  11
Code:   - Donor ID:  97 Donor name:  Union Coop Cereales Semence Vallee Rhone, La Batie Rolland, France No Accessions:  2
Code:   NLD014 Donor ID:  98 Donor name:  Cebeco Handelsraad, Rotterdam, Netherlands No Accessions:  1
Code:   ITA349 Donor ID:  99 Donor name:  Istituto Sperimentale per la Cerealicoltura, Roma, Italy No Accessions:  7
Code:   - Donor ID:  100 Donor name:  Conselmalmo, Italy No Accessions:  1
Code:   ITA024 Donor ID:  101 Donor name:  Experimental Institute for Cereal Crops, Station Fiorenzuola d’Arda, Fiorenzuola d’Arda, Italy No Accessions:  12
Code:   ITA060 Donor ID:  102 Donor name:  Istituto Sperimentale per la Cerealicoltura, Badia Polesine (RO), Italy No Accessions:  2
Code:   - Donor ID:  103 Donor name:  Dipartimento di Scienze e Tecnologie Agrarie, Alimentari, Ambientali e Forestali, Firenze, Italy No Accessions:  1
Code:   - Donor ID:  104 Donor name:  Výzkumný A Šlechtitelský Ústav Technických Plodin A Luskovin, Sumperk, Czech Republic No Accessions:  1153
Code:   - Donor ID:  105 Donor name:  Plant Genetic Resources Division Botanic Directorate, Abu Gharaib, Iraq No Accessions:  233
Code:   - Donor ID:  106 Donor name:  Department Agriculture Bureau Of Plant Industry, Washington, United States No Accessions:  1
Code:   - Donor ID:  107 Donor name:  Farm Crops Department Of Plant, Oregon, United States No Accessions:  2
Code:   - Donor ID:  108 Donor name:  Istituto Di Biochimica E Chimica, Milano, Italy No Accessions:  2
Code:   - Donor ID:  109 Donor name:  G.T.Z., Frankfurt, Germany No Accessions:  52
Code:   - Donor ID:  110 Donor name:  Istituto Di Miglioramento Genetico Vegetale, Perugia, Italy No Accessions:  3
Code:   - Donor ID:  111 Donor name:  Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI), Mysore, India No Accessions:  6
Code:   ROM002 Donor ID:  121 Donor name:  Research Institute for Cereals and Technical Plants Fundulea, Calarasi, Romania No Accessions:  10
Code:   - Donor ID:  123 Donor name:  Cotton Research Station, Shafter, United States No Accessions:  4
Code:   - Donor ID:  126 Donor name:  Inst. Perime Patate, Tirana, Albania No Accessions:  23
Code:   - Donor ID:  127 Donor name:  Istituto Di Agronomia Generale E Coltivazioni Erbacee, Sassari, Sassari, Italy No Accessions:  42
Code:   - Donor ID:  128 Donor name:  Dr. Margiotta, Bari, Italy No Accessions:  1
Code:   - Donor ID:  129 Donor name:  Department Of Vegetable Crops, University Of California, Davis, United States No Accessions:  18
Code:   TWN001 Donor ID:  130 Donor name:  Asian Vegetable Research And Development Center-Avrdc - The World Vegetable Center, Tainan, Taiwan No Accessions:  152
Code:   - Donor ID:  131 Donor name:  National Institute Of Agricultural Research Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan No Accessions:  8
Code:   - Donor ID:  132 Donor name:  Malting Barley Breeding Department, Tochigi, Japan No Accessions:  20
Code:   - Donor ID:  133 Donor name:  Royal Halloway College, London, United Kingdom No Accessions:  18
Code:   NPL025 Donor ID:  134 Donor name:  U.N.D.P. United Nations Development Programme, Kathmandu, Nepal No Accessions:  30
Code:   - Donor ID:  135 Donor name:  Centro Di Studio Sulle Colture Precoci Ortive In Sicilia-C N R - Istituto Per I Sistemi Agricoli, Catania, Italy No Accessions:  1
Code:   - Donor ID:  136 Donor name:  Department Of Plant Sciences, Riverside, United States No Accessions:  20
Code:   GRC005 Donor ID:  137 Donor name:  Greek Genebank, Agricultural Research Center Of Macedonia And Thrace, Thermi, Thessaloniki, Greece No Accessions:  1
Code:   PHL001 Donor ID:  138 Donor name:  I.R.R.I. International Rice Research Institute, Metro Manila, Philippines No Accessions:  5
Code:   FRA040 Donor ID:  139 Donor name:  I.N.R.A. Insitut National De La Recherche Agronomique-, Clermont Ferrand, France No Accessions:  20
Code:   ARG919 Donor ID:  140 Donor name:  Instituto Nacional De Tecnologia Agropecuaria, Buenos Aires, Argentina No Accessions:  2
Code:   - Donor ID:  141 Donor name:  Istituto Di Chimica Agraria, Padova, Italy No Accessions:  5
Code:   - Donor ID:  142 Donor name:  Plant Genetic Resources Center, Kabul, Afghanistan No Accessions:  94
Code:   - Donor ID:  145 Donor name:  Soil Fertility, Dunns, United Kingdom No Accessions:  3
Code:   USA382 Donor ID:  147 Donor name:  University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI 53706, United States of America No Accessions:  2
Code:   - Donor ID:  300 Donor name:  Ist. Di Biochimica E Chimica-Milano, Milan, Italy No Accessions:  1
Code:   - Donor ID:  301 Donor name:  G.T.Z. - Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany No Accessions:  1
Code:   - Donor ID:  302 Donor name:  Istituto Di Miglioramento Genetico Vegetale No Accessions:  16
Code:   - Donor ID:  303 Donor name:  Central Food Technological Research Institute (Cftri), Mysore, India No Accessions:  1
Code:   - Donor ID:  304 Donor name:  Colegio De Postgraduados (Universidad Autónoma De Chapingo), Chapingo, Mexico No Accessions:  4
Code:   - Donor ID:  305 Donor name:  Ist. Sper. Per Le Colt. Forag. -Lodi No Accessions:  22
Code:   - Donor ID:  306 Donor name:  Department Of Biology, Southampton, United kingdom No Accessions:  11
Code:   - Donor ID:  307 Donor name:  La Semiorto, Sarno, Italia No Accessions:  1
Code:   - Donor ID:  308 Donor name:  Dept. Of Biological Sciences - Harace No Accessions:  14
Code:   - Donor ID:  309 Donor name:  Dept. Of Biological Sciences - Binghamton, Binghamton, United states No Accessions:  1
Code:   - Donor ID:  310 Donor name:  Grassland Research Centre -Lynneast No Accessions:  67
Code:   - Donor ID:  311 Donor name:  Bot. Res. Institute Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa No Accessions:  17
Code:   - Donor ID:  312 Donor name:  Inst. Of Intr. And Plant Gen. Res. ( Institute For Plant Genetic Resources ), Sadovo, Bulgaria No Accessions:  18
Code:   ROM002 Donor ID:  313 Donor name:  Research Institute for Cereals and Technical Plants Fundulea, Calarasi, Romania No Accessions:  8
Code:   BEL014 Donor ID:  314 Donor name:  Botanic Garden Meise, Meise, Belgium No Accessions:  68
Code:   Overall Donor ID:   149 Donor name:   - No Accessions:   59200

Real-time counts from MG seed bank - Run time: May 20, 2024 (02:51:26) CET