UKCP18 variants

UKCP18 consists of 28 realisations of climate variables for 1900-2100 as simulated by 28 coupled ocean-atmosphere climate models. The 28 realisations consisted of 15 variants of the HadGEM3-GC3.05 global climate model (GCM) developed at the Met Office Hadley Centre (MOHC) and 13 other climate models from around the world. For basic users, the Variant 01 can be safely used as average projection.

Here the variability of the main climatic parameters (Tmin, Tmax, precipitation) of the UKCP18 variants is averaged by country (according to different RCPs), reflecting the spatial variation of UKCP18 projections. The data reported below represents an average yearly change (slope of a linear model) between current climatic parameters and the year 2098.

For more information about UKCP18 variants, please refer to the UKCP18 Project website at the UK Met Office.

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