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IBBR Visitors

(Updated: Mar 10, 2015)

Surname Name Country Kind More Info
Abbate Michele Italy Grant  Info
Abdoallah Sharaf Egypt Others  Info
Able Jason A Australia Others  Info
Adakalic Miriana Montenegro PhD student  Info
Agneta Rosa Italy Others  Info
Agrillo Bruna Italy MSc thesis  Info
Aiese Cigliano Riccardo Italy PhD student  Info
Alagna Fiammetta Italy Grant  Info
Alessio Nicola Italy Post-Doc  Info
Alfè Altea Italy Others  Info
Altomonte Giovanna Italy MSc thesis  Info
Altomonte Giovanna Italy PhD student  Info
Ambrosino Luca Italy Others  Info
Andreozzi Anna Italy MSc thesis  Info
Annelio Rossella Italy MSc thesis  Info
Annese Elisabetta Italy MSc thesis  Info
Antinoro Calogero Italy Others  Info
Arcangeli Carlo Italy Others  Info
Astarita Federica Italy MSc thesis  Info
Aurilia Vincenzo Italy Others  Info
Babaali Melis Italy Others  Info
Badalamenti Ornella Italy Grant  Info
Baglivo Federica Italy MSc thesis  Info
Balducci Elena Italy Grant  Info
Ballestriero Francesco Italy MSc thesis  Info
Bambina Marcella Italy MSc thesis  Info
Barra Lucia Italy Post-Doc  Info
Befiori Beatrice Italy Grant  Info
Bellavia Daniele Italy Grant  Info
Bellotta Silvia Italy Others  Info
Bellumori Maria Italy MSc thesis  Info
Ben Ammar Imen Tunisia PhD student  Info
Benalia Haddad Algeria Others  Info
Bernardini Luca Italy Others  Info
Bertolini Vincenzo Mexico Others  Info
Biagiotti Claudia Italy Others  Info
Bianchet Chantal Italy MSc thesis  Info
Bini Cosimo Italy MSc thesis  Info
Bitetti Federica Italy MSc thesis  Info
Bitonte Domenico Italy Grant  Info
Boccia Stefano Italy MSc thesis  Info
Boumegoura Ali Algeria Others  Info
Bovari Giorgia Italy Others  Info
Breed Martin Australia Post-Doc  Info
Brizzolara Stefano Italy PhD student  Info
Brousseax Louise France PhD student  Info
Brunetti Cecilia Italy Grant  Info
Budde Katharina Germany PhD student  Info
Buonamici Anna Italy Grant  Info
Calarco Anna Italy Post-Doc  Info
Calderon Rocio Arias Spain PhD student  Info
Can Hiz Mahmut Turkey Post-Doc  Info
Candan Gulay Turkey PhD student  Info
Cangelosi Vincenzo Italy MSc thesis  Info
Canher Balkan Turkey Post-Doc  Info
Cappetta Elisa Italy Others  Info
Caranfil Marianna Italy MSc thesis  Info
Cardoso Monica Brazil Others  Info
Carino Adriana Italy Others  Info
Caroppo Cesarea Italy Others  Info
Carra Angela Italy Others  Info
Castiglia Daniela Italy Post-Doc  Info
Catalano Caterina Italy Grant  Info
Catalano Federico Italy MSc thesis  Info
Cavallucci Francesco Italy Others  Info
Chebil Samir Tunisia Others  Info
Ciabatti Claudia Italy Others  Info
Cimò Filippo Italy Others  Info
Colombini Isabella Italy Grant  Info
Comparato Andrea Italy MSc thesis  Info
Concili Mafalda Italy MSc thesis  Info
Coniglio Antonio Italy MSc thesis  Info
Coniglio Antonio Italy PhD student  Info
Conte Raffaele Italy Post-Doc  Info
Contino Flavia Italy Grant  Info
Coppola Daniela Italy PhD student  Info
Coppola Daniela Italy Post-Doc  Info
Covarelli Elisa Italy Others  Info
Crescenzo Roberta Italy Post-Doc  Info
Cultrera Nicolò Italy Grant  Info
Curci Pasquale Luca Italy PhD student  Info
D’Agostino Ylenia Italy Others  Info
D’Angelo Valentina Italy PhD student  Info
Danzi Donatella Italy PhD student  Info
D’Arco Teresa Italy MSc thesis  Info
De Felice Irene Italy Others  Info
De Iorio Simona Italy PhD student  Info
De Luca Viviana Italy PhD student  Info
De Luca Ilenia Italy PhD student  Info
De Marchis Francesca Italy Grant  Info
De Marchis Francesca Italy Others  Info
De Palma Monica Italy Post-Doc  Info
De Paola Domenico Italy Grant  Info
De Paolo Sofia Italy MSc thesis  Info
De Simone Giovanna Italy MSc thesis  Info
De Simone Maria Luisa Italy PhD student  Info
De Stefano Rosalba Italy Post-Doc  Info
Dedeoglu Nurcan Turkey PhD student  Info
Del Prete Sonia Italy PhD student  Info
Del Sole Teresa Italy Grant  Info
Delgado Reginaldo Naun Mencias Honduras Post-Doc  Info
Dello Stritto Maria Rosaria Italy MSc thesis  Info
Di Cristo Francesca Italy Post-Doc  Info
Di Dato Francesco Italy Post-Doc  Info
Di Dato Francesco Italy Others  Info
Di Domenico Marina Italy MSc thesis  Info
Di Fonzo Pietro Italy MSc thesis  Info
Di Lorenzo Francesco Italy MSc thesis  Info
Docimo Teresa Italy Post-Doc  Info
Dominguez Mari Carmen Spain PhD student  Info
Donato Stella Italy MSc thesis  Info
Donato Alessandra Italy MSc thesis  Info
Donizetti Aldo Italy Post-Doc  Info
Donnarumma Francesca Italy Grant  Info
D’Orta Mariantonietta Italy MSc thesis  Info
Duplice Lidia Italy MSc thesis  Info
El Nagar Mahran Egypt Others  Info
Eliades Nicolas George Greece PhD student  Info
Escaray Francisco Argentina Others  Info
Escary Francisco Argentina PhD student  Info
Esposito Simona Italy Others  Info
Esposito Alessandro Italy MSc thesis  Info
Esposito Roberta Italy PhD student  Info
Faccio Alba Italy Others  Info
Fasciano Cristina Italy Others  Info
Fava Luana Italy Others  Info
Favicchia Ilaria Italy PhD student  Info
Ferrara Maria Carmina Italy Post-Doc  Info
Ferrara Maria Carmina Italy PhD student  Info
Fettahoglu Ruyam Turkey PhD student  Info
Filograna Angela Italy MSc thesis  Info
Finicelli Mauro Italy Post-Doc  Info
Fisichella Davide Italy MSc thesis  Info
Flocco Giuseppina Italy MSc thesis  Info
Formicola Nadia Italy MSc thesis  Info
Fusco Carmela Italy MSc thesis  Info
Futsch Marine France Others  Info
Galati Gloria Italy MSc thesis  Info
Galire Clarice Italy MSc thesis  Info
Gallotta Ivan Italy PhD student  Info
Gallotta Ivan Italy Post-Doc  Info
Garraud Pierre France MSc thesis  Info
Gatto Angela Italy Grant  Info
Genevriez Camille France Others  Info
Gennai Clizia Italy PhD student  Info
Genova Marina Italy MSc thesis  Info
Germoglio Marcello Italy MSc thesis  Info
Germoglio Marcello Italy PhD student  Info
Giangrieco Ivana Italy PhD student  Info
Giangrieco Ivana Italy Post-Doc  Info
Giglio Rosa Italy Post-Doc  Info
Gioè Monica Italy MSc thesis  Info
Gioiello Felicia Italy Post-Doc  Info
Giovannelli Guia Italy PhD student  Info
Giovannelli Donato Italy PhD student  Info
Gogliettino Marta Italy Post-Doc  Info
Gogliettino Marta Italy PhD student  Info
Gonzalez Diaz Patricia Spain PhD student  Info
Googlani Jalal Addin Iran PhD student  Info
Grigorico Irina Italy Others  Info
Gristina Alessandro Silvestre Italy Grant  Info
Groenenber Laura Netherlands Others  Info
Gruttner Jana Germany Others  Info
Guida Vincenzo Italy Post-Doc  Info
Guleren Aykut Turkey Others  Info
Hager Snoussi Trifa Tunisia Others  Info
Hebda Anna Poland PhD student  Info
Hedayati Vahideh Iran PhD student  Info
Hernandez Tecles EnriqueJose Spain PhD student  Info
Hmmam Ibrhaim Egypt PhD student  Info
Huaigang Zhang China Others  Info
Hudecz Ferenc Hungary Others  Info
Iacono Roberta Italy PhD student  Info
Iacono Roberta Italy MSc thesis  Info
Iakovoglou Valasia Greece Post-Doc  Info
Iandolo Elena Italy MSc thesis  Info
Ianniello Crescenzo Italy MSc thesis  Info
Imparato Claudia Italy MSc thesis  Info
Iodice Alessandra Italy PhD student  Info
Iovieno Paolo Italy PhD student  Info
Isik Semra Bulgaria PhD student  Info
Jamroze Anmbreen Pakistan PhD student  Info
Jinliang Zhai China Others  Info
Kempf Marta Poland Others  Info
Khaldi Soumaya Tunisia PhD student  Info
Khalfaoui Mohamed Habib Tunisia Others  Info
Krajmerovà Diana Slovenia Post-Doc  Info
La Rocca Giuseppe Italy Grant  Info
Labriola Mariaceleste Italy Grant  Info
Lak Zana Iraq PhD student  Info
Lakuriqi Fabjana Albania Others  Info
Lalague Hadrien France PhD student  Info
Landi Simone Italy PhD student  Info
Landi Viola Italy MSc thesis  Info
Langella Azzurra Italy MSc thesis  Info
Lanzo Ambra Italy PhD student  Info
Lasco Valentina Italy PhD student  Info
Leonarduzzi Cristina Italy Grant  Info
Leonarduzzi Cristina Italy PhD student  Info
Lerner Zita Hungary PhD student  Info
Lisanti Maria Teresa Italy MSc thesis  Info
Listingi Mirella Italy Others  Info
Locandro Elisa Italy MSc thesis  Info
Lopa Alessandro Italy MSc thesis  Info
Losco Valentina Italy Post-Doc  Info
Lyzbicki Barnaba Italy Post-Doc  Info
Mahfoudi Naima Tunisia Others  Info
Manganelli Genesia Italy Post-Doc  Info
Mangia Francesca Italy Others  Info
Mara Kostlend Albania PhD student  Info
Marcolongo Loredana Italy Grant  Info
Marcolongo Loredana Italy PhD student  Info
Mariani Celestina Italy Others  Info
Marinelli Adriana Italy PhD student  Info
Mariotti Roberto Italy Others  Info
Martines Alves Ludovico Portugal PhD student  Info
Liuzzi Vittoria Italy MSc thesis  Info
Massa Giovanna Italy MSc thesis  Info
Masturzo Giuseppe Italy MSc thesis  Info
Masullo Ugo Italy MSc thesis  Info
Martinez Karen Denmark Others  Info
Mayer Gaia Italy MSc thesis  Info
Mazzarella Nadia Italy PhD student  Info
Mazzella Emanuela Italy MSc thesis  Info
Melardo Colombina Italy MSc thesis  Info
Menale Ciro Italy PhD student  Info
Mennella Domenico Italy MSc thesis  Info
Mercati Francesco Italy Others  Info
Meziane Malika Algeria Others  Info
Miceli Vitale Italy Others  Info
Miggiano Riccardo Italy PhD student  Info
Molnar Zsofia Hungary Others  Info
Mather Diane Australia Others  Info
Montemurro Francesco Italy Grant  Info
Montesano Deborah Italy Grant  Info
Monticolo Francesco Italy MSc thesis  Info
Mousavi Soraya Sadat Iran PhD student  Info
Mucerino Sabrina Italy MSc thesis  Info
Mucerino sabrina Italy PhD student  Info
Muller Martin Argentina MSc thesis  Info
Muneri Ndivhuwo Southafrica Others  Info
Napoletano Angela Italy MSc thesis  Info
Montesano Vincenzo Italy Grant  Info
Nocciolini Andrea Italy Others  Info
Novak Susanne Germany Post-Doc  Info
Nunziata Angelina Italy Post-Doc  Info
Nurcato Roberta Italy MSc thesis  Info
Nurcato Roberta Italy Others  Info
Odum Angela Italy Others  Info
Odum Angela Italy Others  Info
Officioso Arbace Italy MSc thesis  Info
Ömür Baysal Turkey Others  Info
Orban Erika Hungary Others  Info
Ortiz Juan Pablo Argentina Others  Info
Paffetti Donatella Italy Others  Info
Pagnozzi Valentina Italy MSc thesis  Info
Palombieri Samuela Italy Post-Doc  Info
Palumbo Stefania Italy MSc thesis  Info
Panara Francesco Italy Grant  Info
Pancetti floria Cile Others  Info
Panico Speranza Italy MSc thesis  Info
Panico Maria Rosaria Italy MSc thesis  Info
Pannone luca Italy Others  Info
Papa Luciano Italy MSc thesis  Info
Paparo Rosa Italy Others  Info
Parrella Roberta Italy MSc thesis  Info
Pasi Leonardo Italy Others  Info
Pasquariello Slvia Italy Post-Doc  Info
Passeri Valentina Italy Grant  Info
Negro Donatella Italy Grant  Info
Pauselli Martina Italy Others  Info
Pati Ilaria Italy MSc thesis  Info
Pedini Luca Italy Others  Info
Perović Marko Serbia PhD student  Info
Pessino Silvina Argentina Others  Info
Pezzella Raffaella Italy Others  Info
Piccolo Maria Teresa Italy Post-Doc  Info
Pignatelli Sara Italy PhD student  Info
Pinosio Sara Italy Grant  Info
Pinzauti Francesca Italy Grant  Info
Piotti Andrea Italy Grant  Info
Polizzotto Rachele Italy Others  Info
Pollastri Susanna Italy Others  Info
Pollina Leonardo Italy MSc thesis  Info
Polo-Perucchin Marie France Others  Info
Pone Emanuela Italy MSc thesis  Info
Postalache Dragos Moldova PhD student  Info
Pavone Francesca Italy MSc thesis  Info
Properzi Alessandro Italy Grant  Info
Pucciarelli Lorenzo Italy MSc thesis  Info
Punzo Paola Italy PhD student  Info
Quinto Rosita Italy Grant  Info
Procino Antonella Italy MSc thesis  Info
Radojevic Uros Serbia PhD student  Info
Quinto Massimo Italy Others  Info
Raj Delfin Albert India PhD student  Info
Ranjith Pathirana New Zealand Others  Info
Ribeiro Maria Margarida Portugal Others  Info
Riccio Alessia Italy PhD student  Info
Riccio Alessia Italy Post-Doc  Info
Riccioni Claudia Italy Grant  Info
Rago Caterina Italy Grant  Info
Rizza Annalisa Italy Grant  Info
Ronca Raffaele Italy MSc thesis  Info
Ronca Raffaele Italy Post-Doc  Info
Rossetti Umberto Maria Italy Others  Info
Rossi Martina Italy Post-Doc  Info
Rotoli Debhora Italy PhD student  Info
Rubino Stefano Italy Post-Doc  Info
Ruggiero Alessandra Italy Post-Doc  Info
Russo Roberta Italy Post-Doc  Info
Russo Roberta Italy PhD student  Info
RUSU IRINA Italy Others  Info
Ritelli Rosa Quero Italy MSc thesis  Info
Saccone Eleonora Italy Others  Info
Salzano Maria Italy Post-Doc  Info
Salzano Melania Italy MSc thesis  Info
Sannino Lorenza Italy Others  Info
Sannino Sabrina Italy PhD student  Info
Santangelo Tanino Italy Others  Info
Santarcangelo Michele Italy Grant  Info
Santella Biagio Italy MSc thesis  Info
Santonicola Pamela Italy MSc thesis  Info
Santonicola Pamela Italy PhD student  Info
Santorelli Marco Italy MSc thesis  Info
Saumintou-Laprade Pierre France Others  Info
Schiano di Cola Corinna Italy MSc thesis  Info
Sabetta Wilma Italy Grant  Info
Scialò Filippo Italy PhD student  Info
Scisciola Lucia Italy PhD student  Info
Scoparo Melissa Italy PhD student  Info
Scuderi Leonardo Italy Others  Info
Senatore Giuliana Italy Grant  Info
Senatore Giuliana Italy Others  Info
Serpe Mario Italy MSc thesis  Info
Serpe Mario Italy PhD student  Info
Schiavulli Andalgisa Italy Others  Info
Sicliano Sonia Italy Others  Info
Siena Lorena Argentina Others  Info
Shehab Mohamed Egypt Others  Info
Slimane Mounira Harbi Ben Tunisia Others  Info
Sol Stefano Italy MSc thesis  Info
Sola Georgina Argentina PhD student  Info
Soria cristina Italy PhD student  Info
Sissons Mike Australia Others  Info
Spanu Ilaria Italy Grant  Info
Speranza Luisa Italy MSc thesis  Info
Spinelli Patrizia Italy Grant  Info
Squillaci Giuseppe Italy Others  Info
Squillaro Tiziana Italy Post-Doc  Info
Stanly Cristopher India PhD student  Info
Spadone Federico Italy MSc thesis  Info
Stigliano Egidio Italy PhD student  Info
Strauss Erick Southafrica Others  Info
Strazzulli Andrea Italy PhD student  Info
Strazzulli Andrea Italy Post-Doc  Info
Suarez Pino Italy Others  Info
Szabo Ildiko Hungary Others  Info
Taddei Alessio Italy Others  Info
Tamburino Rachele Italy Post-Doc  Info
Stigliano Giuseppe Italy Grant  Info
Tao Wang China Others  Info
Termolino Pasquale Italy Post-Doc  Info
Tesoro Clara Italy MSc thesis  Info
Timi Simone Italy Others  Info
Torre Sara Italy Grant  Info
Tortora Maria Rosaria Italy Post-Doc  Info
Tranchida Lombardo Valentina Italy Post-Doc  Info
Tripodi Pasquale Italy Post-Doc  Info
Tecce Tania Italy MSc thesis  Info
Trudic Branislav Serbia PhD student  Info
Trusso Alessandro Italy Others  Info
Tsuda Yoshiaki Japan Grant  Info
Tuppo Lisa Italy PhD student  Info
Tuppo Lisa Italy Post-Doc  Info
Trotta Giuseppina Stefania Italy MSc thesis  Info
Turkoglu Aziz Turkey Others  Info
Turturiello Luca Italy MSc thesis  Info
Unger Gregor Austria PhD student  Info
Turi Antonio Italy Grant  Info
Urso Valeria Italy PhD student  Info
Vaczine Gitta Hungary Others  Info
Valenti Anna Italy Post-Doc  Info
Valentino Anna Italy PhD student  Info
Valenza Rossella Italy MSc thesis  Info
Valeri Maria Cristina Italy MSc thesis  Info
Urbano Viviana Italy MSc thesis  Info
Valiollahi Ehsan Iran PhD student  Info
Vallinoto Nicola Italy Grant  Info
Vernet Philippe France Others  Info
Velmirovic Ana Montenegro Others  Info
Vettone Antonella Italy MSc thesis  Info
Vettone Antonella Italy PhD student  Info
Vilasi Annalisa Italy Post-Doc  Info
Virnicchi Giorgio Italy MSc thesis  Info
Visone Valeria Italy PhD student  Info
Vitale Monica Italy Post-Doc  Info
Vitiello Antonella Italy MSc thesis  Info
Vitiello Antonella Italy Others  Info
Veronico Giuseppe Italy Others  Info
Vullo Daniela Italy Grant  Info
Vugdelic Marija Montenegro Others  Info
Wenjun Liu China Others  Info
Zampi Giuseppina Italy Post-Doc  Info
Zamponi Thomas Italy Others  Info
Zebi Marco Italy MSc thesis  Info
Yongxi Sun China Others  Info
Ziyuan Duan China Others  Info
Zuluaga Agudelo Diana Lucia Italy Grant  Info

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